2:15am just back from vets😥😥😥😥

Paris had delivered 3 wee pups by 7:30pm however I had a feeling there was another inside, called emergacy vets and was told to take her down.

They scanned her and there was another pup there, Paris was so exhausted and just couldn't push no more, they gave her an internal and a few jags to make her go into labour, 1 hour later the wee darling did but her last puppy was born still dead.

She has however 3 wee pups she can be proud of.

Your kind words and posts are all greatly appreciated.

Paris is doing OK and so are the wee pups.

More picture tomorrow, good night and God bless.

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  • Well done to you and Paris, I hope you both manage to get some rest now.

  • I feel sad for her after all the effort. Good job that you took her to the Vets. At least she is over the ordeal now and the other pups are alive and kicking.

  • Glad she's doing ok. I'm sure the three she has will keep her occupied. U get some rest too. ,xx Sonia xx

  • Bless you David that is sad but so pleased the three puppies and Paris are fine.

    Look forward to photos. Xxxx

  • Glad to hear that she's ok after her ordeal, shame that she's lost a pup but what a good job you took her to the vets. Look forward to seeing some cute pic's of her little family, once things have settled down.

  • If you can keep your eyes on them for at least 10 days which i have to do with the pugs as with pugs they are born fine and have a good set of lungs but then after two or three days they stop feeding and tend to go to one side to die .that is why i said to keep a eye on them enjoy your time with them

  • oh that's so sad after all the effort she put in look forward to the pictures

  • What a shame she lost one of her pups. It's been a hard night for her. I expect you'll all be tired but happy with the 3 beautiful pups she now has to look after.

    Looking forward to seeing how they get on in the next few weeks. Do keep us posted with photos & news.

    In the meantime I think you deserve a rest as well. Take care & congratulations all round 💐

  • so glad Paris has 3 beautiful pups, she and you must be exhausted get some rest both of you.

  • Such a good thing you knew there was a problem & took her to the vet. She will be fine now I am sure & has three babies to occupy her. Do please post some photos when you can ☺🐶xx

  • It's very sad to lose a pup, David, so you must be a little upset. There are three wonderful new lives to celebrate, though. You must all be quite tired now....especially Paris...so I hope you don't have too busy a day today.

    Look forward to the new photos and I expect there will be a lot of joy in your home for a while to come...

    Lucky you!

    Tee xxx

  • God bless her for the three safely delivered,,,and for working hard for the fourth,,,,sadly nature took the fourth,,,,but she will soon be rested and nature will help her forget the lot=st one,,,,,enjoy the times to come,,,ttfn from Karen.....p.s....I am crying as I type,,,so sad for you.

  • Thank you xxx

  • Aw we shame poor Paris been through the mill ,she need lots o luv and cuddles ❤️ X

  • Hello. I am glad Paris and yourself are okay. It's so sad about the last puppy. Nature can be so cruel and yet we know that pup probably would not have been strong enough to survive for very long. Looking forward to the picture of the pups. Much love and many congratulations. xx :)

  • Hi David, Sorry about the 4th baby. That's sad. Poor little pup. Glad Paris is doing well. Looking forward to photos. You all take care now. Ruby🌹

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