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Having Copd and smoked all my life (silly) I had a recant x6 day in scared me but haven't had a cigarette in over 3weeks.I just feel so weak and pathetic and wondered how long it will take to feel better.of course coming off antibiotics and steroids doesn't help either.yes was admitted with pneumonia,vivid hallucinations,confusion and a very high temperature.just a guide line would be helpful.many thanks,Alison

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Bless you 64alison and a huge well done on quitting smoking. I just wanted to welcome you and hope you will start to feel better soon. Xxxxxx

I'm sorry, but I can't answer your question. However, I hope that you're feeling much better soon and well done with the cigarettes. I've had to resort to an e-cig as I couldn't cope with the cold turkey! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


I had a similar experience and was admitted for 12 days. The very nice lady consultant told me to not smoke again as I would be in worse state the next time I was admitted. I haven't smoked for 18 months and feel better for it.

Nobody can actually tell you how soon you'll feel the benefits of stopping smoking and many on here say pneumonia takes a few weeks to fully recover from but, well done you for stopping smoking.

We all know how hard it is to quit and you will be dead chuffed with yourself when you realise you are doing the best thing possible for your lungs xx

64alisonanderson hope you have a speedy recovery and well done on giving up the cigs please if you feel tempted go see your docs or as Mrs mummy has put up for you a help site best wishes.

Well done on quitting smoking, now you can save the cash that you would have spent on cigs for a guilt free spending spree, or whatever treat you'd like - coz you'll have earned it! Hope you soon start to feel much better.


A warm welcome from me, also an ex smoker. Congratulations on kicking it into touch, I know how very difficult it is. Stopping will make you a stronger person, improve your lung function and everything associated, and your breath and clothes and house won't smell. Pneumonia is horrid---been there too. I wish you all the very best, and don't forget - if you need support - someone is usually here all hours.


Hi, give yourself a big pat on the back for giving up the weed and give yourself more time to recover from pneumonia. It can take 5 or 6 weeks.

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