Thank you Nhs

Thank you Nhs

For some months we have been taking a close relative of my husband to the Christie hospital for treatment of a tumour that was blocking her windpipe. She only weighed 6 stone was only able to drink sips of water and was convinced she couldn't be helped and about to die. She has slowly increased her strength, despite many set backs including pneumonia and now weighs 8.5stone.and is cancer free all thanks to the consultants and back up staff at the Christie. She is going on a well earned holiday next week knowing that if she does get another tumour she will be given the best treatment. Seeing her able to eat properly yesterday brought a lump in my mouth.

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  • So pleased for you and your family. I have just replied to a previous post about being thankful for the NHS. I feel like reposting it in reply to you.

    Yes, we have a lot to be grateful for. Yesterday I saw my consultant. He spent nearly two hours with us, deliberately carved out the time to see us, and had spent before going through all the reports and results.


    Hope things continue to improve for your relative

    K x

  • Thank you will convey your good wishes to her.

  • Posts like yours warm the heart. I am so happy for your relative - we often complain about NHS but certainly Christies and all associated NHS staff deserve a huge thankyou for giving her her life back. You too should take a bow for being so caring and surely have contributed towards her recovery. I wish her a wonderful holiday, and I wish you well:-)

  • Thank you x

  • Just shows what can be done Joyce thanks to our wonderful NHS and kindness and caring from relatives too.

    Hope the holiday goes well. Xxx

  • So true she agreed to me telling her story if it can help others . She does have lots of family support.

  • joyce74 I love to hear of happy ending hope your friend has a fantastic holiday x

  • What a heart ❤️ warming story Joyce. Such happy 😊 news about your friend. I hope she continues to have good health & has a wonderful holiday.

    The NHS & Christies are wonderful. My friend & her daughter have both been treated there. Nothing but praise for them.

    Your relative has a wonderful family, you & your husband, for the care you are showing her.

    Hope you have a great weekend 🌸

  • What a lovely uplifting post, with a happy ending. Hoping your relative continues to improve. Xx

  • Thank you

  • Delighted to hear your good news. The NHS is marvellous (I remember the day it started and how thrilled my parents were)

  • True that's why we live longer than the previous generation .

  • So true - my twin sister and another sister died before they were 3 and my parents used to have to pawn stuff to pay for the doctor to visit, etc. That's why they were so so thrilled about the NHS!

  • Nice to hear an uplifting story.


  • Absolutely brilliant Joyce, thanks for sharing your aunts excellent treatment with us. X

  • Hello joyce74 . Your post made me very happy indeed. I am so pleased for you and your family. Wishing her a continued recovery. Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌸

  • That is good news to hear of the NHS successes. And even better for you to know some cancers can be cured, hope the holiday goes well and your family member continues to have a healthy life with the help of NHS. Glad you are shedding tears of happiness and releif not sad tears. xx

  • Thank you Katie. She herself has cried buckets but has done everything they asked of her to improve her fitness and they are well pleased with the results.

  • Wonderful news, wonderful NHS. This generation has so much to be grateful for. A short while ago my grandson had meningitis, he recovered well thanks to the quick response when taken to A&E. Still gives me the shivers to recall how desperate we all felt, and in their hands.

    All good wishes for the future, that food looks very tempting!

  • So glad your grandson had a good recovery. The food is the actual plateful she ate on Friday. It took a long time to chew it but she enjoyed it.

  • Joyce74,such wonderful news for your family and her own. Hope they enjoy their well needed holiday.

  • Thank you I'm sure she will.

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