Not about my lung problems.

I went to my old hunting ground just outside Glasgow.

Was just looking at what's changed...what's not...haven't been there for over 30 years

So walking about with my better half...We actually met in the Co-op over 40 years ago

Had a cup of coffee in an old cafe that we recognised enjoying our reminiscences

Paid the bill...decided time to go home...fella walks past...says Aye Kevin...walks on without another word...gobsmacked...before I could react he stepped on a bus and was gone...still trying to figure out who he was.

Love my walks and must admit that one had something extra. KK

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  • Good morning Kevin,

    What a lovely post. I can just imagine you and your wife walking around pointing out different places and trying to remember what was where before. Your first meeting in the Co-op was certainly a happy omen. You may never know who the chap was now, and no doubt he is wondering where you have been all these years, but to say he recognised you tells us you have not changed much at all.


  • Still haven't figured who he was but it's nice being remembered. Pretty sure it'll click one of these days 😁

  • The thing is - it will bug you now!


  • Hi Kevin, I always find it amazing how we remember a face after all these years. 😀

    Maybe that man never even realised you'd left your old haunt!

    I expect it will play on your mind now! 😳 You could always go back for a return visit & see if anyone else recognises you! Take care 🌻

  • Thinking about it 😊

  • Oh KK what a lovely post. I love going back in time. Did it all seem very strange or was it like it was yesterday? Shame about Kevin though.....Xx

  • Not much left as we knew it but enough to bring back memories of good times😄,not so good times😕,sad times😑but that's life.

    At least the memories are there KK

  • Went to Glasgow today...ended up in a WASPI protest March...means a lot to my wife as she was one whose pension was delayed...strange enough on Thursday in my old haunt...met three women that turned out went primary school with...really enjoying my bus pass travels.

  • Bet that protest march won't be mentioned in the news or the papers!

  • Amazingly enough it was headlined on the BBC and Scottish News at six

  • Very glad to be proved wrong.

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