Coughing up black goo

Coughing up black goo

My name is Marjorie, My husband last year started coughing up black goo, some large some small. He has had x-rays, ct, and one lung function test. With nothing. I finally have the VA taking over, they are ordering the same test. Is there any advice you could give us on what doctors he should be seeing. On the 15th he is having a pulmonary lung test. We have taken pictures and showed them to the doctors..


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  • If its like jelly it will be conjelued blood might be from old infection

    Is good you seeing lung doctor but guess just have to watch breathing is ok and this no active bleeding BUT is good is coughinh it up.

  • Can an old infection stick around for over a year? He was exposed to asbestos in the navy, can that do it?

  • I use a nebuliser and your not apost to BUt its been kicking all Sh#% up from my lungs.

    So ad say as infections produce lots mucus on chest could losen asbestos fiber balls APARENTLY yoir lungs in early day of expouser rolll it round airways SOME broken bits stick in lung tissue cause minor bleads and thats what causes fever IS condition most doctors to ready to blame on other stuff n smoking

  • He tells me all the time that it hurts to breath, and that it feels like they are burning.

  • If as burning pain might have new infection.

    Or his been using something new thats irrating is lung problems

    I was told to use Antihistamine pills one a day

  • He smokes yes and do he roll his own ?

    As it sounds like i us to fech up some times when coughing and some times i can be watching tv and i will land up with a bit in my mouth but now i do not get anything like that only clear gunk

  • No he does not smoke, not for 20 years now. He was exposed to asbestosis in the navy.

  • Marjorie and husband, Welcome to our forum.

    I think a test of what this black goo is is necessary before saying anything about how to support your husband.

    Sorry, I don't know what the VA is? Presumably a hospital, but tell me more.

    I f your hubby has a lung problem, ask the GP to refer him to the pulmonary consutlant and a pulmonary nurse.

    I simply would wait for the latest test results before you can do anything.

    Tell us any progress on this mysterious goo. You made teh good move to refer your hubby to a doctor and to come here for questions. I hope you get the help you need, Mic

  • Thank you so much. Sorry, the VA is a veterans hospital. His first test were done at our local hospital, but they just kept dropping the ball. His appointment is next week, I surely will keep you up to date. It does feel good to share some of my frustration.

  • Wlaking walman, Yes it's good to be able to share our frustration here. Moreover, you may find someone in the same case as you who can reflect differently. make it an ooportunity to turn a situation around. Good luck! Mic

  • I agree. Has the doctor sent off a sample of this "black goo" to the laboratory for analysis ?


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