Can anything else come my way ??

On top of everything that's gone wrong health wise this year ,,,,something else is now the Bain of my day to day ,,,

For the last 2/3 weeks I've had an awful pain in my left shoulder blade ,,,,it dosent restrict movement , and I've little to no energy ,it's just there all the time ,I've tried ice packs ,and or heat pads ,which do little to nothing to ease the pain ,,,,,,I think you all know what I'm now thinking ,,,,,,,

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  • Oh Nanny I have no answers but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you, and hope you get some reprieve soon. Love xx

  • Thank you Sheila ,,,,xx

  • Get checked out Nanny and sending love your way. Xxx

  • I've been for a blood pressure check up and full blood tests thus morning ,the nurse said my blood pressure was very high ( I'm nit good on numbers I think she said 190 /? ,,,and then took my bloods ,she said she would be notifing GP about breathless and high blood pressure ,she suggested I try to see a GP ,but no luck as no appointments available ,so I wait and see, she said bloods would be back in 24 hours ,so I'll know more tomorrow hopefully,the shoulder pain dosent restrict movement in it ,,,,it's a deep pain ,,,,we will see ,Thankyou for caring sassy ,xx😘

  • Oh l do care Nanny and will be thinking of you. Xxx 😘😘

  • Oh you are really lovely sassy ,and so thoughtful ,bless you ,,,,my GP has just rung ,and made an appointment for next Tuesday ,if anything needs more urgent attention depending on bloods ,they will ring me ,hopefully my mind is just working overtime ,haha xx

  • Hello Nanny, I'm so sorry to hear you've been in pain and worrying yourself. I'm glad you went to the doctors though if only to eliminate anything serious.I'm thinking of you and sending love and positive thought energy, huff xxx

  • Thankyou huffer puffer, my gp has just rung ,I will see her next Tuesday unless anything something shows up on my blood tests that need more urgent attention ,,fingers crossed its my mind running away with me ,,xx

  • Dear Georgina, I too wish I could just say it is this or it is that for you. Please don't think too deeply - muscular damage can be felt for some time - you could even have bruised a bone, who is to know? You really don't need anything else to worry about just now. Tomorrow should see the blood results and fingers crossed they won't show anything you should be alarmed over. One day at a time. I hope you can get a decent night's sleep. I will be thinking about you. Let us know please:-)


  • Thank you Jennifer ,I hope your right ,hubby is thinking the same way as you ,, I'm probably over thinking everything ,,,,I will of course let you know ,thank you xx😘😘

  • Allright. night night.


  • I want to add caring, fingers crossed, love as well xpiggix

  • Thankyou x

  • That sounds muscular nanny. I get awful pain, just under the edge of my shoulders blades and the muscles go into a knot, ( Fibro) it feels like a knife is stuck in me xx

  • Wow ,I think you might be right ,that's just where and how it feels ,,don't know how it could have happened though as I haven't lifted anything heavy ( or light in fact ) as I haven't felt well for some time,,,,if it us muscular,,,then I can deal with that ,

    Thank you ,

  • It could be a trapped nerve Is there an acupuncturist near you you could visit?

  • Not an acupuncturist,but there is a chiropractor,but the ice packs are helping for now ,

  • Try an infra red lamp. I had this problem years ago and IR was my salvation..

  • By the way, YOU should worry Nanny... on top of my asthma, brochiectasis, arthritis, prostatitis, asophogitis, irritable bowl etc I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and I am an 80 year old man.......

    xx Eric.

  • Thanks for your reply ,and yes I am worried ,but I do have a great GP who knows all about my health concerns ,and I trust that him completely,I'm so sad to hear that you now have another illness to cope with ,I wish you better health and the strength to Cope with everything ,

  • Haven't got one I'm afraid ,but today the ice packs and new painkillers /anti inflammatory are helping ,

  • Glad to hear your getting some pain relief nanny1086 hugs

  • Hoping for a good nights sleep after a ,,,,,good day ,,,??

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