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Well as if it ant bad enough HAVING lung disease.

With out finding out they HAVE a immunity disease grading SYSTEM.

Well today that is what i found out : 1 to 5 Shocking part is most doctors MIGHT know you have immunity issues if ever you had blood taken and the DID dna test and trust me it happens and given cost NHS will not disclose.

Am annoyed as a disease grading process is bit like how cancer diagnosis have been TO late.

But just SAY they knew but never told you till its to late WELL it smacks at discrimination if they new you had immunity issues but graded into them saying nout till it turns into medical emergancy.

How true is that.

Anyway as you can guess am not happy BUT rant is over as this serious point's.

One is AM not rich and other is DNA Personal Genome Sequencing Kit's have never been so affordable.

So i took plunge myself WHY well i dont like thought of nature trying to errase ME THAT its trying very hard to do.

Also am not a graded appliance AM a human and I don't want discriminating against ESP as am not appliance.

I think that is BIG difference between rich and poor and healthCare as rich dont get graded till Medical Emergency like poor.

Also i want to know WHAT NHS doctors know about my DNA Genome as i should not be last to know BUT thats what happens when those with lung disease Immunity issues disease are Graded like a Appliance when the see the gp's doctors that look at you like a loon when you say your ill.

DNA Kit am getting tells me about best antibiotics errors in DNA Genome also what disease to watch out for.

But like we have seen prevention IS better than a cure BUT what is great you can just use as ancestry tool.

As you can guess AM Just interested in MEDICAL part.

Why well as well as having lung dieaes i have immunity issues SOMETHING to do with my antibodies cells.

One issues is IGM antibodies have gone awol also my monocytes are up THINK what my lung doctor was trying to say AM suffer from some form positive chemotaxis defect BUT who know's really unless i see for my self.

But only thing i have found that fits with what my lung doctor talked about with IGM antibody isotopes was that chemotaxis issues BUT i think he might be looking into Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) or one of its derivatives.

Am hoping I can erase nature defects issues befour it erases me SUCH a BIG thing in a little packet.


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JAS l do so admire your persistence and diligence at trying to get to the bottom of your lung problems and truly hope you do just that.

I have done the Ancestry DNA which a distant cousin in Canada paid for but l could not make head nor tail of any of it. Did ask my cousin to help but heard nothing. Hope you get something interesting from your DNA.

Good luck to you. Xxxxx


Hi sassy I have spoken to founder of heathUnlocked trying to get him to ad section BUT in all honestly this nothing to stop BLF doing so.

Then can help each other It's not like you can be cloned BUT the might ad section as UK leads world on DNA stuff research

So all say BLF don't disappoint


I have often thought of doing Ancestry DNA test. Is it no good ? X

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One am doing got from superdrug TOOK some time to get to uk but now in shops.

Can't stop progress :) but yer test i got tells you all and can say what you wish to know

Am not intrested in roots can ask grandparents for that but cant medical


Don't get me wrong Margaret it is all fine but l just could not work it out. It's just l am not really bothered to really study it all at the moment. Give it a go. Xxxxx


It's getting a little complicated for me Jeff but as Sassy I admire your determination. X


A relatively new branch of Dietetics is nutritional genomics, where diets are tailored to your genomic type to improve health and wellbeing. Computers will make such individualised diets a real possibility in future.


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