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Thank god for free prescriptions


As I am now over sixty I am glad I do not have to pay for prescriptions the amount of times I have needed to get Meds would have bankrupted me. There are some good things in the over sixty after life. Ha, oh yea plus the free buss passes so we can get to the. Docs or hospital. So long as you don't catch some thing on the bus going there.

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Hi it is a shame the whole of the U.K. Can't be the same if you live in Scotland you don't pay for prescriptions what ever age you are also if you have a disability you don't have to wait till you are 60 to get a free bus pass. I was glad when my dad decided to move to Scotland.

MisUse in reply to Nottobad

Disabled people in England can get bus pass at any age, I had one from about 50, now have pensioner's pass

Hidden in reply to MisUse

Yes they can and I used to get one for lower rate DLA. Then last year the Govt. changed the rules and now you have to be on higher rate to get it unless you are state pension age. x

I'm lucky. I've had free prescriptions since the year 2000, when I was only 24, thanks to me getting epilepsy. And I've had a free bus pass since around 2006 due to the same thing.

But I can understand why people get so frustrated with prescription prices here in England. They're expensive enough as they are, but they go up every year, and some folk really struggle to afford medicines they need.

As far as I'm concerned we should be like Scotland. Everyone should get free prescriptions and the Government should use some of that £31bn excess they have sitting in the bank from all our National Insurance contributions to fund the NHS instead.

MisUse in reply to Symes

If they don't get you one way, they'll get you another!

most people here do not realise how lucky we are I lived in the States for some years and worked in a hospital ad I have a dear friend over there who suffers from lung disease and can only afford one inhaler a month and can't call an ambulance as she has no money.

Hidden in reply to Louisiana

Very true Louisiana and it does put things in perspective. I would be happy to send your friend any spare ones I have if it would help. x

Louisiana in reply to Hidden

You are soooo kind coughalot! I did offer to send her one and we discovered there is no way we could get them through the post.....sadly. Whenever I feel really down and having a ghastly day health-wise I think of her and her situation and kick myself out of feeling sorry for myself!! Thank you again, and I will tell Trisha about your offer, she will be soo very touched.

Hidden in reply to Louisiana

Poor lady. I do go on the American Lung Association sometimes and there are loads of sufferers on there who can't afford meds, and often even if their insurance pays, they can only get the cheaper less effective inhalers.

For those without insurance it must be a nightmare. One lady needed oxygen but couldn't get any.

It makes me very grateful for our wonderful NHS. x

Louisiana in reply to Hidden

Hear hear

Did you not know about the Pre-Payment Prescription Certificate? It costs £104pa and covers all your prescription costs, no matter how many drugs you need. You can also get a 3-monthly one for £29.10


I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. Every morning I wake up and it feels like Christmas. Yes, I've got copd, but I am still lucky to be alive and kicking....well the kicks are not as high nowadays but there you go....and I have all you amazing people on here who keep me going in more ways than you would know. Big thankyou to you all.


You can get a senior rail card too, giving up to a third off rail fares. Makes it cheaper than driving and parking if you buy the tickets early through the Trainline.

Hidden in reply to Ergendl

Thankyou Ergendl . I do not drive a car but it's good to know about railway fares:-)

Never quite understand why diabetics are entitled to free prescriptions but COPD sufferers aren't. Is it another case of 'self-inflicted' so (in spite of the extra taxes we paid in) we shouldn't be allowed NHS (England) treatment?

Hanne62 in reply to y_not

No, it isn't prejudice against COPD. Very few conditions are covered, the majority are where the drugs are essential to life eg diabetes, epilepsy, hypoadrenalism

onamission in reply to y_not

Hi y-not they don't just get the insulin free the get all meds free even if it's nothing to do with diabetes. I know a couple both had bariatric surgery due to having diabetes and both have stretched there bands through eating to much, both still have diabetes

Lucky you. I get free scripts but at age 62 now, wont see a bus pass or pension for four years. Please support pressure group waspi (women against state pension inequality). Thanks

Nottobad in reply to kydam

Hi ask your local council if they do disability bus passes. I am 58 and have one also have a taxi card for discount on taxis.

kydam in reply to Nottobad


helenlw7 in reply to kydam

I'm the same - I'm 60 and get free prescriptions and eye tests but won't get a bus pass for another 6 years. I'm thankful they didn't make the free prescriptions payable until state pension age because I take 17 different meds for my RA, bronchiecstasis and what my consultant calls tricky asthma!

Hi before i was 60 I used to buy a prescription exception card it cost over £100 pound a year but having 7 prescriptions a month it was a lot cheaper. so anyone having to buy a lot of prescriptions its worth while paying

Hanne62 in reply to joyce741

Me too Joyce, until I came into the "exempt" category when steroids caused hypoadrenalism. I think the yearly certificate is a bargain

joyce741 in reply to Hanne62

you would be daft not to with all the meds we have to take everyday. after 2 months the exemptions certificate would have paid for itself

I pay £104 a year for my pre paid charge I save a fortune

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