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Good moring all you lovely people out I would just like to what a supportive environment you have created and love al the support you give each other warm and welcoming and you don't fell so isolated and lovely to hear your voices of support and comfort that you give each other

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Thank you Lindon, this is a wonderful supportive forum. Love the flower. Xxx🌺🌸🌻

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Good morning Lindon what a beautiful photo hope you have a lovely day and thank you for your kind words take care😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Thank you for the nice words and lovely photo. Is it some kind of chive or garlic flower? It just looks familiar to me but I’m not sure what it is ☺️

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Izb1 in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Not sure but think its alium , although it does look like the chive flower, my chives are growing fast x

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Lindon in reply to Izb1

It an allium gigantum and the other flower ie Sicilian honey garlic

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HungryHufflepuff in reply to Lindon

Thank you for naming them 😊 ☀️ 🌸🌼🌻

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Izb1 in reply to Lindon

Yes, thanks Lindon for naming them. I love the wild garlic which is just growing now, I put it in my salads, flower and all. Is this Sicilian honey garlic edible ? If so i must get some x

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Izb1 in reply to Lindon

On second thoughts, just read that it has a skunky odour when cut so wont bother x

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The purple flower is unique. Is it fragrant? Thanks for the photo.😊

Cindy xxx🌷

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Its nice to know you are not alone and this site has alot of lovely people that supports each other x

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I check out the posts on here most days. They never fail to contain good advice, support and good humour. I bless the day I was directed here by the respiratory physio at pulmonary rehab.

It's lovely to know that others value the site and the friendship as much as I do.

xx Moy

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Gorgeous flower London x

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