through some of the posts on here. There are thousands it is almost impossible to keep track I should think.

One post from a guy celebrating his wedding anniversary wrote about a pie and mash shop.

I can't make my mind up if pie and mash is a northern or southern dish. They certainly eat a lot of pies up north.

But here's the thing, he never mentioned what was in the pie. My thoughts went straight to Sweeney Todd.... just kidding but it would have been nice to know .


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Thanks for that. Very interesting.

Maybe the Northerners eat something other than mash with their pies.


I think its originally a southern/london thing to do with pie, eels, mash and liqour.

Yes you are right. Stone gave us quite a bit of info on the origin


brick lane market for pie and mash..

brick lane market for begals with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

two of the very best places to eat in london....

Definitely London

okay, enough already. I'm convinced.

But what about the pie eaters in Lancashire and Yorkshire and all points north. Where do they get their pies and what do they eat with them.


Another Pie ? 😂

Or a pint if you are at a footie or rugby match.

I am from the East Midlands and love pie ...home made steak and kidney with home chips , peas and gravy...Yum Yum 😂


perfect. ..only it's minced meat and onion pies..yes it has to be two...xx

I buy some beautiful frozen ones from friendship supermarket. .

think I will have one for breakfast. ..in 2 hours time xx

yes breakfast. ..☺

pies could come from kosher food out let in brick lane...I dont know where the mushy peas they eat with them come from. ...could be birds eye..from Iceland.

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In Cumbria up to the 1980s, the height of a social was to have a pie and pea supper. The pie contents were usually mince, tatties and onions.


Pork pies. Black pudding ( don't ask). White pudding ( don't ask)

Fish and Chips.

sounds like the Bayern (Bavarian) dish Schwartz und Weiss Wurst both made with pigs intestines.

In the Rheinland Plalz they have something similar called Saumagen.

Pigs stomach.


Stone - when I lived in the Midlands I saw Chitterlings in the shops but didn't try them.

Chitterlings were common peasant food in medieval England, and remained a staple of the diet of low-income families right up until the late 19th century. Thomas Hardy wrote of chitterlings in his novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles, when the father of a poor family, John Durbeyfield, talks of what he would like to eat:

Tell 'em at home that I should like for supper, – well, lamb's fry if they can get it; and if they can't, black-pot; and if they can't get that, well, chitterlings will do.

hello ,. My mum loved them......she would eat them in a sandwich,. I would not try them .........not even before I found out their origins.....They were called Chicklins in our town.


Joe - thankyou..... that is the other name I was trying to think of. The shapes and sizes and colours in the Butcher's Shop - you'd never believe they were intestines, and there was always a queue when they were boiled fresh and hot.

So true, can you imagine a boiler in the back room as was then. I remember seeing them lifted out of an old copper in long pieces....... H & S exec... would have a fit today not to mention public health. ...... Mom told the tale that when I as a tot was told of the origins and the cleansing etc,. I announced in a loud voice " that's dirty". ........the butcher was non to pleased.


Joe...heh heh...what about the smell?

If you eaten a hot dog you've had chitllins

Never...hot dogs look disgusting...I'm so relieved about that :-)

I remember eating tripe one time when I was in Middlesbrough


Food of the gods:-)

I don't think it was cooked, did I eat it raw?

Such a long time ago I really can't remember.


It would have already been prepared prior to selling.



1. Put the tripe in a washing machine on the non-whites heavy soiling cycle.

2. Add 2 bottles of industrial strength bleach. This will impart a lovely white colour and improve the flavour of the tripe. You may wish to reserve some of the bleach for use as a tasty sauce.

3. When the cycle is complete, remove the tripe from the washing machine and let it dry, preferably outside on a washing line. Please don’t worry about the birds. They won’t touch it.

4. When the tripe is dry, boil it for between 3-4 days. Please ensure all windows are kept open. You may wish to wear a sturdy pair of goggles.


In Yorkshire we usually eat our pie with chips, and the pie is frequently home made. Nothing like a home made steak pie with chips and gravy!

And then there is pork pie (or a pasty) served with mushy peas and mint sauce, mmm!

mint sauce 😨

Don't you like it? I couldn't eat pie and mushy peas without it! I also like it on roast lamb. The comment I expected from someone was 'what are mushy peas'?

Pork pie wth mushy peas??? .....And mint sauce? Really?


Btw talking of Yorkshire at the time I was polishing the tripe off Middlesbough was in Yorkshire and across the Tees was Co Durham.

I believe it is all called Cleveland now.


??? Cleveland was abolished years ago.

Really is it Yorkshire again.


Peas that have been cooked too long? :) x

pie-scotch pie-minced beef or whatever lies on the bakery floor, spice and pepper

pie-killie- gravy, steak, short crust-guidness

big fat Engerland cry pie things-bluech, grey uckiness

Northerners love pie too, with ale gravy. They also like chips with gravy!

Canadians like poteen, chips, cheese curds and beans.

That Canadian thing sounds dangerous, especially with beans....ha ha


Pie, chips and mushy peas for me, with or without gravy.

Very educational this site :) :)

Yeah.... so is Big Brother on TV


Whitebait fritters

Manze's in Walthamstowe. Very London.

The eels were not my thing.

The liquor had eel juice in it.

The mash was ok.

Pies were OK

The decor was brilliant.

Worth going just to see the interior of the shop.

At present I live in a quite pleasant town in what I suppose you could describe as the north midlands.

But i can see the action is in the big Smoke.

It does seem rather expensive to rent there though.


I'm from Australia. Tracing my family history.

Used the NHS while here. Waiting for the bill.

Thorough service.

Waddya mean 'waiting for the bill'! I thought the NHS is free !

Do they still serve beer in Oz through a contraption that looks like a petrol pump nozzle.


I'm not a uk citizen. As an Australian I have to pay for my NHS treatment.

Ps. Beer taps look pretty much the same.

I used to go to Oz and NZ reguarally with Shaw Saville. and one time with Pacific Steam PSNC.

I remember your glass is on the bar and the bartender comes along with the contraption I mentioned and filled the glass up.

Ask your dad.


Not used anymore. We just have taps the same as uk.

Pie mash and parsley liquor was a traditional dish in the east end of London. The recipe for the pies were handed down through the family but it tasted great.

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