She needs you to be more than just her man

She needs you to be her best friend and confidant

For you to be her voice of wisdom when she needs advice

And her sound board when she needs to vent

At the end of the day she needs you to be the one person , who, no matter how terrible the storm, she can count on to protect her from the rain

She needs all of this to be consistent, something she can count on to never change

This is what she wants....

This is what she needs.....

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  • G'day mate

    Wonderful....will you marry me

    Pommie Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet,

    but alas I am too old and by the way, Very happily married to the "best sheila GOD put on this earth".

    Susan is more beautiful on the inside than any other person I have ever met.

    I rather think of you as a sister, one I can relate to and share my stories.

    Stay well, both Mr V and yourself.


  • Hi Will, ...G'day Mate

    I would be honoured to be your Pommie " Sister " πŸ˜‚

    Love to you both, and l hope Susan's recovery is going well.


  • Velvet

    We have so much in common

    mainly ICE CREAM.

    I can just see us sitting own, me peeling off the chocolate and offering it to you while I eat the vanilla ice cream.


  • Sounds good to me Will, but I would want the ice cream as well


  • Good morning Will,

    I think this is what your lovely wife has already in abundance. I hope she continues to get better and better, and that you are well yourself.

    It has to be a male and he is so charmed by those exquisite dulcet tones that he has dropped off to sleep.


  • Jennifer

    You have a way about you, explaining so delicately about my little picture.

    I do not know that he is asleep?? Deaf Maybe??


  • Will!

    Whatever makes you happy:-D

  • Once again you have put a smile on my dial

    take care Mate

  • I knew it - not all men are from Mars. Hope Susan is making good progress and that you're keeping well, too. Looks like its ladies first in food queue!

  • Yes Magpuss you are correct

    I do come from an old school

    Respect your parents and elders and be kind to others less fortunate than yourself.

    I still yell at Susan when she fails to wait for me to open the door for her (car or house).

    I was amazed recently when a young couple entered the restaurant we were dining in and he actually opened the door for her and followed her in , pulled out her chair and then pushed it in after she sat down.

    I could not help myself.

    I went over and told the girl "What ever you do do not let him get away, he is one in a million".

    Susan is making good progress, thank you for asking, has a lung infection at the moment, but we will be back in the Alfred on Monday and they will sort it out.


  • excuse me for butting in - it was probably his first date with her.

  • I do not think so Jen, not by the way they were acting. He knew what to order for her (drinks) and there was no nervousness, She is one lucky young lady to have him.

  • I am cynical. You are a Gentleman. It was probably his second date.

  • Of many I would hope

  • Euch! Sounds insanely creepy!

  • :D :D

  • Morning Will

    I am sure Susan knows what a wonderful man you are.

    I am showing your post to Pete.

    Hope all is well. Xxxx

  • Good afternoon Sassy

    I hope Pete enjoys it


  • Hi Will, love the photo of velvet55, Jennifer-S , coughalot2 and sassy59 . That'll be me on the end with me mouth shut. I know me place.

    Regards. John

    PS: Hope Susan is making a good recovery.

  • Hi Baggy

    The only reason your mouth is closed is because you are munching pork pie !!


  • You got me sussed velvet. I had a mouthful of me Pork Pie and another one in each ear so I couldn't hear you lot giving me earache.


  • Too right John! You know your place. Xx πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • OY .........

    Who ate all the pies? John

    Who drank all the Guinness? John

    Now who feels sick? John

    velvet55 coughalot2 sassy59

  • Could never feel sick eating Pork Pies Jennifer. Me favorite three course meal is Pork Pie, Pork Pie and Pork Pie swilled down with a luverly pint of Guinness.

    Hoe, Hoe, Hoe (pun intended). πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • That's nice................Rennies top shelf in the bathroom cupboard.

  • Thanks John,

    May I give you a piece of advice.

    Send me a PM do not telegraph it to the women folk out there, as I have read in the past........ They never forget.

    As for "your place" mate, I thought you must have found it when I saw the pic of you sleeping in the wheelbarrow. I tried that once, woke up and could not straighten out.

    Thanks for asking about Susan, all good , just need to have a lung infection sorted out next week.

    How is your health?? Have not heard much since your good news re IPF.


  • Hi Will, 'Danger' is me middle name. I love to live dangerously, so I do. Not only that a couple of pints of Guinness and I am invincible. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I always have two pints because they say, "two heads are better than one".

    "I know my place". That was said to give 'The Sisters' (the dickie birds) a false sense of security. As you know, my place is in me wheelbarrow, Guinness in me hand and Pork Pie in me belly, relaxing in me garden. I have cushions in me wheelbarrow so don't have any problems straightening out if I fall asleep.

    It's great to hear that Susan is doing alright. I hope the infection is soon sorted out and she is soon on top form.

    I'm doing alright Will and I'll send a PM soon giving you an update.

    All the best to you both.

    John aka πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Thanks John

    I was told when I was young (coming from a predominately Irish / English back ground) That a man with a pint in each hand had a balanced diet.

    As for pork, anything, Not to my liking. Eat chicken at times, but that is about all. Sometimes I even take the feathers off, as when roasting they give off a rather unpleasant odor from the oven , which annoys the good wife.


  • Love this Will, thank you!

  • Tanks Symes

    Now let's see what the ladies come up with.

    should be good

  • It sounds like you are a very well matched couple, Will. I hope that Susan is doing well, apart from her current chest infection? That must be a concern for you all...

    I reckon the lady is letting the four men feed first as she has decided it's undignified to beg!

    All the best to you both

    Tee xxx

  • G'day Tee

    What an excellent point of view. Being a man I never thought about it.

  • So true of any partner.Hope Susan is doing well at the gym and look forward to an update.

  • Thanks Peter

    Are you in the Alfred next week?

    If so we may catch up Susan usually is free around 11 am

  • Gday Mate

    I take it the Alfred is the Hospital, where you and Peter meet, or is it your Local Hostelry, for a few swift schooners !!


  • Naughty Naughty Velvet

    Bad memory mate

    I do not partake of alcohol. That is why I am always the first to be invited when a group goes for a night out.

    I am the only one sober to drive us all home. Isn't it nice to be needed.

    Yes the Alfred is the hospital where we meet. Peter gets Nuked there every day.

    We try to meet for a cuppa at least weekly.

    Nighty night off to bed.


  • Hi we are just getting food for the male coz as usual he is too lazy to get his own :D

    Love to you and Susan. Bev xx

  • Try placing the uncooked food on the table and see if he reacts.

    We have a good principle over here.

    You want clean clothes tomorrow...... Wash the dishes tonight.

    You want the bed tidy....Pick up your clothes

    You want to the pub.....Hang the washing out first.

    Do I need to go on or do you get the picture.

    As one who was both Dad and mum to 4 young girls for 7 years ...You learn fast.

    You know the old saying

    Do you want to be right all the time or be happy

    You can't have both.


  • Interesting, I hope Susan is recovering well. What do men need from women ?x

  • Over to you


  • Hello Will hope Susan feels better soon, does she have to take a lot of medication now? I go for 'happy 'every time even if it means 'zip it!', anything for a bit of peace! 😜 x

  • G'day Huff

    You must be one very smart man..

    Medication!!! I never knew there were so many different meds. But if this is the price for life.... so be it.


  • No I'm not a very smart man Will but I am a pretty smart wooman lol!😁🐦🌼🌻😘 x

  • Sorry Huff, my mistake

    One of the reasons I use my name when posting.

    I will put it in the memory bank for future reference.


  • I don't mind at all Will 😁 Velvet thought I was man too once , perhaps I should change my profile pic! xxx

  • Awe Burraboy that is so sweet (and true!) coming from a man it's unbelievable. .......xx

  • Not from me... Just something I found, altered slightly...But believe in.

  • Don't men need a best friend, a confidante, a wise partner, someone they can count on etc? Adults in an equal relationship, of whatever gender, should surely support & succour each other. As for the guy who pulled the girl's chair out, it smacks a bit of ownership to me. He could be beating her up in private, for all we know

  • I must remind Susan about "ownership" the next time i do likewise with her chair or when I open the door for her.

    Sad world we live in at times.

  • G'day Will

    Mr V and I have equal relationship, as someone has called it, but like yourself with Susan, he has always treated me like a lady....he opens doors for me, pulls my chair out, and pops me on the inside when we walk down the pavement. I never regard that as ownership, l regard it as good manners and affection....it's nice to be treated like a lady, and appreciated.

    Keep up the good manners...you and Mr V are a rarity


  • Thanks Mate

  • Will, you've supported Susan in all the ways that matter, obviously. What I meant is, you can't judge a man by such things as helping a woman into her chair. Indeed many women nowadays would regard that as a little ott, unless they were infirm. I expressed myself clumsily, apologies.

  • Do not concern yourself Hanne

    I was not offended by your reply.

    I am sorry but after all these years I can judge a person by their actions or their lack of same. Not by their creed, colour or demeanor.

    When I see a young bloke walk thru a door first leaving his lady to follow him, or to go to his car door without opening hers first, or see a young person refuse to give up their seat to an elderly or in-firmed person I just shake my head in disbelief.

    I see a general lack of common courtesy displayed by many today and It was refreshing to see so young a man treat a lady as I would like my own daughters to be treated.

    I do agree that many younger women do not expect this type of respect as is shown by the actions of modern day females and I find this rather sad.

    Just another act of decency towards women now fading unless old blokes like myself , Mr V, Past me best, and others of our generation can teach by example.

    I fear that respecting the fairer sex was lost when parents stopped teaching their children the importance of respect, both to their elders and each other.


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