Well I never

Was going to write a post this week telling everybody about how hard done by I was feeling and that I was going to have to take a break from the sIte as my eyesight is rubbish and for anything close has just about packed up at the moment. Hey presto heard from the hospital yesterday and they have a cancellation for Monday afternoon for laser operations on both my eyes and would I like to take the slot.

YESsesses PLEeeeese with bells on. I have no idea how much the ops will improve my eyesight but hope that even if they can't solve the double vision they will be able the short and long vision sorted.

So signing off for a short time, hopefully I will catch up with you all in a week or so. Going to down load a few audio books on my kindle to cover me .


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  • Good luck Bayleyray and hope you will 'see' us clearly very soon.

  • Wishing you the very best Sue and look forward to hearing from you again soon. Thinking of you for Monday. Take care. Xxxxxxx

  • Wonderful news. Hope you can concentrate on your audio books! Best of everything on Monday and we will see you back here soon as possible. We take our sight for granted, like everything else, don't we.


  • That is excellent news. Hope to 'see' you soon!

  • Wow good luck x

  • That is good news. I hope all goes well for you xxx

  • My good wishes for Monday too. Hope everything goes really well.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    Great news for you,

    wishing you a successful op and a speedy recovery


  • Hi Sue - wishing you a successful outcome and a speedy recovery. I have vision problems too (not on the same level as yours) and I love my audio books.

    All the best to you and hope to hear from you later.


  • Best wishes for Monday.

  • Hi bayleyray-uk I hope you have a successful eye operation with a quick recovery.

    Regards. John

  • Oh...that is good news! Enjoy the audio books...see you soon!

  • Wishing you well with your laser treatments.

  • good luck hope all goes well

  • Sure wish you well. Hope it gives you the relief you seek.


  • Great timing - hope the results are amazing Sue. Please keep us updated xx

  • good luck xxx

  • Good Luck for Monday. Xxx

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