It is to warm back door open no air comeing in temp is 25 and struggeling to breath .is on the the nib to help .in last year must have put on two stone well it fells that way have had to have to lay down as much to hot and tomorrow hotter not looking forwood to it .going up to see motherin law who is 90 and much fitter than me so not looking forwood to that as sits in the car as wife gos in as she has steps to her houes which cant go up them as not for wheel chair ok had a morn so going to bed and try sleep as warm

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  • Oh David, here's hoping you have some shade, an umbrella or something to keep the sun off when your wife goes visiting. If you sit in the car you will bake. I hope you have managed a little sleep - if not just open the door and step outside for a while. It is lovely at the moment.


  • Jennifer it is ok as she lives up on a hill plus i will have the air con on in the car so should be allright thanks for your concurnd david

  • Better to sit in the car, than your house! Its that hot here all the time. You're lucky, it doesn't happen much, where you're at. Stay cool! Rubyxx

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