Collapsed lung :(

Hey guys.. What a long weakened! Went in on Friday to have a scheduled lung biopsy and after feeling enormous pain after the procedure I find out my right lung fully collapsed. This was something I feared, but was also told it's only a 2% chance of this happening. If anyone has experienced this, I'm mostly curious about recovery at this point and how to have it not happen again :( I don't ever want to feel that pain again.

For those who aren't aware of my story, I fell sick Oct 6th, 2015 and haven't been able to breathe since. I've had numerous test, and even traveled to the Cleveland clinic for help. All I have been told is we are dealing with something rare. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is being tossed around a lot. I just am praying for a diagnose, So I can start the healing process.. I want to take a deep breath again. I want to be able to walk more than 500 ft, without my OX dropping to 84. God willing this test will provide some answers. I'll keep you guys posted!

God Bless you all!

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  • Do you know how why you become ill ... Work jobs hobby anything you can pin point your self.

    I remember my lung doctor saying to me was allergic to air I breath AT that time I told him not to be so ridicules LIKE how can you.

    Anyway he talked about hypersensitive lungs guess he meant inflammation.

    Guess doctors have told you about toilets and not straining given your collapsed lung

  • I'm thinking it is work related. I work in a salon with lots of chemical smells. What seems to not bother anyone else, sure must get to me.. Boy, we all are sure different :/

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Hi Aurorastar.

    Think you might be right THAT would defo do it ... I have found different types nebulisers saline fluid can make me sicker guess we even have to watch manufacture processes don't change.

    Will ad even cleaning products can be toxic to us SO I would use more caution if your still working in those environments

  • Hi,

    Was interested to hear about the different saline solutions. I discovered that I am allergic to the propellant in the Ventolin medihaler. The asthma got significantly worse and very tight when the CFC free medihaler came into being (yes, years ago) but returned to normal (able to cough up the phlegm) with the Ventolin rotacaps. I have used the Ventolin rotacaps for years now with no concerns.

  • Hi, I have had a lung collapse on numerous occasions and can empathise about the pain. Recovery varied between a few hours and several weeks and was mostly sitting up in bed whilst the air dispersed, sometimes having drains inserted. Only one of the pneumothorax was following surgery, the others being spontaneous so there was no way of avoiding them. Thankfully they have happened less and less as I have got older (most were in my teens and early twenties).

  • HI Toci im sorry to hear that really i am , but it shows eh Toci the fight you have an are puting up, good one Toci keep at it eh. its a lesson to us all , ps Toci the weathers is sssss but the rain somehow likes me ha .

  • I have had enough rain, T. x

  • well Toci its ok as you aint having mine lol ,it suits me ha ,,

  • Autostart, so sorry to hear about your Pneumothorax.It's always a shock when it occurs , despite being alerted to the possibilities.Spontaneous Pnuemothorax, are seen more frequently in Young, Tall Slim Males.Injury, Infection and pockets of Air are the common causes.Mostly the Lung will reinstate with a Chest Drain.Occasionally a procedure called Pleurodesis is used, whereby Surgical Talc is instated into the Lung which .encourages it to re_inflate.However, we are surrounded by chemicals in our work and day to day living.It's a process of eliminating those which we are sensitive to.Apart from our Respiratory system, we absorb through our Skin.For me, Oven Cleaners and Kitchen cleaners are a No, no, my Lungs are very sensitive.My cleaning aids are now, White Vinegar, Bicarb of Soda Lemons , and Bleach.If your Employment is causing Sensitivities, you may need to review your job, a drastic step but Lung Health is so much more important.Apologies for my long winded post, Take Care and a full recovery.😆 .

  • Please don't apologize, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Thank you for your advice. You're right about the job. Staying as healthy as possible is what's best for me right now.. And you're also right about the cleaners. I've switched to all plant based. Big difference!

    I'll keep you all posted :)

  • Autostart, Sainsburys sell a superb range of Organic cleaning products, which are non_Irritant and allergenic.However you sound as if you have sorted that aspect.Take care,😆 X .

  • Sorry can't help but hope you feel better soon and they find out what the problem is.

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