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Letter post C.T scan

Hi I had some nodules removed by surgery last year and all ok . There was one the surgeon couldn't get at as it was a difficult op so left it .i have just had my yearly scan and received this result that I don't understand .( your ct scan showed a mild increase in size of nodule and it has changed shape and is within an area of sub segmental airway collapse called atelectasis we are not particularly worried and have booked another scan in 4 months ) can anyone unravel this for me please as I have not had this diagnosis before .

Many thanks Anne

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May be a good idea to contact your GP surgery to be certain of a proper explanation Anne but to me it does seem that the doctors are not unduly worried by the change in size and shape of the nodule. Xxxx

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Thanks . I did think of asking doctor x


This is exactly how I would interpret it, but to put your mind at rest, take sassy59's advice for the time being.

Best wishes,



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