Diagnosed End of May / beginning of June still in limbo

The appointment I made for Hospital has now been cancelled and another made for 8th September. I do think its a long time to go from being diagnosed by GP to wait to speak to someone about possible treatments medication etc. At present I have not spoken to a professional about my condition apart from my original appointment with my GP and he didnt give me any info other than the Hospital will give you all info needed, so now i will wait till September unless they cancel that appointment as well. Anybody else had this experience?

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  • when first diagnosed by gp I was given a blue ventolin inhaler nothing else explained to gp after 2 months that it wasn't really helping she said well don't take nothing else given didn't get to see a hospital consultant or doctor for another 2 years and that was only because my lung collapsed if that hadn't happened I don't think I would have been referred at all ,

  • OMG that's shocking so the only medication you received was an inhaler what about checking if when your condition worsened did you not go for regular checks? I am shocked

  • once a year spirometery test at gps surgery nothing else , consultant at hospital I first saw when lug collapsed wasn't a breathing doctor it was a weekend so he was just covering couldn't believe I was diagnosed and not given regular preventer inhalers he even went to the hospital paharmacy him self and brought me some back told me to take them he wasn't an expert and put me on a low dose but would get me seen first thing Monday by a lung consultant who could then say if I needed a higher dose or not , now after lug collapsed I have regular checks , inhalers , I have community specialist copd nurses that I can ring who come to the house and also see a consultant at addenbrooks

  • I had went to my GP a few weeks ago to ask about a breathing test, was told I had one in 2013 and didn't need another for 2 years, said I should only need checked every 5 years, I give up on them. Just wanted regular checks to keep a tab on things to make sure im doing ok, as I've done everything by the book, no smoking, eating well, exercising etc, but there you go.

  • It's unbelievable I am totally in shock it must depend on the area it's not right

  • It's not good Mel but seems to be how things are these days. Let's hope the September appointment goes ahead. Take care. Xxxx

  • MelAidJack hi i have that problem to I made an appointment aster this year it came back one for august the other sept my af is playing up so much that the doctors asked for treatment to be brought forward never head a word ts the wonderful nhs my their gods go with them

  • Squady it's not good but unfortunately nothing can be done its unbelievable at present I feel ok lots of phlegm and out of breath easily heart palputations but pain has eased so suppose will wait till September lol

  • I'm getting a lt of pain from bronchiectasis and copd af but not much sputum if it gets to much I'm off to a and e and will I stir the po in a bucket then keep in touch

  • I made an appointment with my GP practice nurse who is a specialist in respiratory diseases,

    She is much more helpful (and knowledgeable) than the GP and can prescribe. Maybe you could arrange to see someone in your practice?

  • Hi.......You are lucky to have the diagnosis made by a Gp.

    When my hubby had the Spiro earlier this year it was the nurse who decided he had copd and who gave him the inhalers. No doctor.

    He recently had a dreadful chest , can't get into see Gp.

    Seen by this nurse who gave him 5 days of antibiotics,. The sounds of the coughing made it appear that a steroid inhaler was needed ,. We asked if a different inhaler could help reduce the inflammation ...But no she made him wait another week of this wicked cough till yesterday , when she decided it might be worth a try. She wants to see him in a month !. Not sure about complaining direct , or putting comments in review box on the web site for others to see.

    Best wishes for a good outcome with hospital consultant.



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