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Fiberglass lagging

I suffer with COPD & Angina & work in a office/stores area,I have noticed that at the end of the stores in the divide between the roof & brickwork exposed Fiberglass lagging, do I have the right to refuse to work in there until the Fiberglass lagging has been covered up and sealed so none of the fibres can escape into the air

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Does fibreglass need to be covered? Is it hazardous in the same way that asbestos is gazardous?



Fibreglass lagging is known to cause.

Irritation to eyes, nose and throat

Rash and itchiness

Stomach irritation if fibers are swallowed

Worsening of asthma and bronchitis.

It is unlikely that fibres can be released without some kind of interference, it is worth a mention to your supervisor considering your health concerns. Whether you can refuse to work is one for you union rep.


I don't have a union rep.


There is always the option of raising it with work and if nothing happens you could contact access to work maybe. They are there to help keep you at work and healthy by agreeing adjustments with your employers. That may help. you self refer on line so take a look at their site and you can always ask them the question and raise your concerns.


No but if you sufer with chest then have them to cover it as when it is a drafft it will look like dust in the air and that is the danger for chest sufferes

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Why don`t you just ask your boss if you have the right. Then you get the true answer straight away.


I can't get a straight answer from them about anything regarding my health or others whom I work with who have COPD, Looking for another job


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