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Smoking inside or outside.


Thanks to all of you on the smoking topic. It will go on for ever and I will no longer be here or possibly any of the rest of you and this will still go on. Maybe in a hundred years time there will be an answer?

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Hi Cynthia, I guess no smoking at all is the answer. Let's hope that gradually the world wises up and totally rejects it. xx

Hi Cynthia12345 Sir Walter Raleigh has a lot to answer for. I wonder what he would think if he knew how much damage tobacco has done to people's health.

Regards. John

If tobacco and alcohol were a new thing it would be banned by the government

Tee1008 in reply to Mandy6513

Losing all those taxes would break a government's black heart, Mandy!! I don't think any of them care that much for their serfs 😄

Tee xxx

Mandy6513 in reply to Tee1008

I have often wondered why the governments dont force the tobacco companies to reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes because surely it would make them less addictive or even none addictive .....

just to edit this.......Ive just read that there is nobody in the uk who can actually force the tobacco companies to reduce the nicotine in cigarettes ....That in itself is scary to me ...sounds like the tobacco industry is a law unto itself

Tee1008 in reply to Mandy6513

I think you are right, they probably are a law unto themselves!


Logically, assuming people smoke in order to maintain their nicotine level, then more nicotine per cig would lead to fewer cigs being smoked . . .

Yeah i can see that for people who are already addicted to nicotine

I was thinking more down the lines of new smokers using cigarettes that have less nicotine so they dont get addicted in the first place,, but it would never happen because they would lose a fortune without people getting addicted

oulpete in reply to Mandy6513

Don't think nicotine is the total problem there are dozens more chemicals it cigarettes although nicotine is very addictive.

My understanding is that many more chemicals other than nicotine are deliberately added to cigs to lure and addict the smoker. Adding greater amounts of nicotine will have short term benefits as the body builds a tolerance and so very shortly the addict would need more cigs to satisfy their need. Its a very complex business. I smoked for 40 years and took every and I mean every therapy available to help me stop smoking and all failed. Being diagnosed 12 years ago with COPD & Emphysema while being very ill eventually stopped me. Now I reflect and wonder why I smoked at all!!


To get to the age of 60 will be banned by the government!

They are probably grateful to all us ex smokers - How will they 'bump off' the elderly in the future?

It is us ex smokers who probably kept the NHS going!

By the way, did you know they can still smoke in the House of Commons.

Two sets of rules (as per usual)

No i didnt know that what a flipping cheek !!!!!


Do you know that is the best andser and the best words i have heard on smokeing as smoking has gone on for a long time and now it is only not by all that smoking is bad for you ????

Toci in reply to Hidden

I think smoking has always been bad for you David, it's just that it has made some companies a lot of money and so was allowed to continue for far too long before anybody spoke out about it.

oulpete in reply to Toci

You could replace "companies" with government as the tax on tobacco is a nice wee earner!

Cynthia12345 in reply to oulpete

Yes so why are they over taxing it ?

The government don't give a toss about our health. They use health risks for their own ends, to increase taxes. Likewise alcohol, I think alcohol is the worst offender as it kills people from within, the liver, on the roads by dangerous driving. The Health people do seem to be winning the battle against smoking tobacco. It does bother me that young people seem to use drugs, now they are cheaper. The situation is indeed, unlikely to be resolved, for many years to come.

"We smoke for the ncotine, we die from the tar". So someone please tell me why electronic cigarettes which produce no tar at all, and, in some cases, contain zero nicotine have become a legislative target by Governments and the EU - not to mention some cancer charities, the WHO and a few anti-tobacco activists - always the same few? Could it be that a world-wide improvement in health would mean less money in the tills of the Pharmaceuticals who contribute massively to the funding of so many of these orgs. Government revenues would drop without the smokers and drinkers - as Christine says they really don't give a toss as long as the money rolls in.

Absolutely agree with you Dragonmum

Yes its so sad that they are all out to make money out of us. Why is there one law for the government and yes I was told years ago by a barman at the house of commons they can smoke and even get all the best drinks at a reduced price.

Never mind we cant change it and as long as people are aware of these things, that is all that's important.

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