Ironing Hell

Morning everyone I hope you're all well. I have noticed for the past 5 or 6 weeks that when im ironing I get a very painful burning sensation in the top/middle of my back. Its only when im in the same position for 10mins or more. Once it starts however, it doesn't stop until I sit down for about 10/15 mins. I wondered if tbis was COPD related. Thank you for listening

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  • annenic I've got copd and suffer the same but mine is constant I've got a appointment this morn with prehab so will ask them best wishes x

  • Thanx Titchy52. Good luck with your appointment x

  • annenic thank you will let u know how I get on .x

  • Hi annenic. I have bronchiectasis. I get the same pain when ironing. I think that it is realated to my posture. I am very round shouldered and this gets worse as I get older. Lifting the iron and the clothes puts pressure on the upper middle of my back, whatever height I put the board at.I don't think that standing in one position for any length of time helps either.

  • Its Emphysema I have, must just be 1 more thing to tolerate. Thanx Stillstanding63 x

  • I stop every now and again and do stretching exercises with my arms going backwards. Then I flop forwards from the waist. I helps a bit.xx

  • That too is worth a try Stillsanding63 hahahahah x

  • Hi Annenic,

    I have the same problem but have but have solved a lot of the pain symptoms no exercising no extra medication.

    What is this marvellous cure I hear people say.

    Are you all ready.

    I have stopped ironing.

    To be fair I did not exactly go to town in the first place but now unless we are going out and can't get away with wearing coats nothing gets ironed. I do sometimes hankering after freshly ironed sheets but it's hard enough to change the beds these days.

    I've stopped worrying about my sloppy ways now, and say out load: I'm a non ironer, crumpled rules ok.

    Hope you don't mind my cheeky post.


  • hahahahah hahahahah bayleyray. That's defo worth a try x

  • Me too, Sue. I buy clothes that don't need ironing, and only iron one thing if it's really necessary (but it hasn't been for over 2 years).

  • Hi Anneric, I know what you mean. I took a tip from my sister after she'd had knee surgery and now iron sitting on the bed. As long as the ironing board's at the right height i can sit with my back straight. No problem with pain, and a lovely large area to put the folded ironing on. Sorted. Sue x

  • Top Tip there Watford girl, I'll give that a go. Hope I don't change my mind about doing the ironing though and have a nap lol x

  • Hi annenic, It's mainly how you hold yourself, especially ironing; probably bending a bit forward, tehn the head follows. I have he same problem and I'm playing the flute. But I discovered the Alexander Technique which can remedy that kind of ailment through directing one's posture.

    Here is Carolyn Nicholls who practices the Technique in Brighton:

    She mentions the book about brething; I think it could gbe good. I've got another, very practical book of hers called:

    The Posture Workbook. There are exercises in it which will help (I only bought the book, I'm not a salesman!). Hope this helps. there are lessons from qualified teachers of the technique, but they are very expansive. There are planty of YOutube videos free of charge!

    Hope it helps, Mic

  • Thanks Mic. Everything is worth a go, I do like the idea of not doing it at all though lol lol x

  • Hi annenic, i too get the same when ironing like you i also have copd ive just invested in a clothes steamer.tried it out yesterday must say very good

  • I've thought about a clothes steamer Snazzypants as I use a steam cleaner for the house, worth another wonder. Thanx x

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