Had my wrist slapped yesterday evening

Don't socialise much these days but I do try to get to my monthly craft class. So yesterday evening I made it to a class along with my 2 pairs of new glasses. What a palaver I had to swap glasses dozens of times and my poor old head was spinning after about an hour. After about and hour and a half the demonstrator suddenly called out my name and when I look up all guilty like and said what! she said stop chatting and start crafting you have only another hour left. Then explained to the rest of the crafter who do not know me well that I can't craft and chat at the same time. It's lucky that what she said is true and that I have attended her classes for the last 15 years. One day I will surprise her and actually finish something before the end of class.

Oh but it was lovely to get my mind off of wheezy chests and getting short of breath.

Hope everybody it having a lovely weekend.


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  • Hey, Sue, so what's the problem? You got yourself there. chatted, played with your new glasses, chatted a bit more, were put on the naughty step, chatted, and forgot about wheezing and breathlessness. Sounds perfect, but what were you trying to make? Sue x

  • Paint a small wooden box and stick tissue paper over it but I start to dither so much that I never seem to complete anything. It didn't help that I had the wrong glasses on when looking at the clock on the wall thought it was 9.45 which was the time hubby was due to pick me up and so packed away quickly and then realised nobody else was making a move so put the right glasses on and realised it was only 8.55 by then.

    At the moment I can either see the hills that are far far away with one pair or read my kindle with the other pair as long as it's about four inches away from my eyes. Have an appointment to see a consultant about having laser surgery in July which is pretty quick as my optician only sent a letter to the hospital a fortnight ago.

    I just get frustrated.



  • Sue I just had cataract surgery on my right eye - it has made such a difference! Every thing is so bright! Colors are bright too. I had bought towels to match my kitchen - brown and green - when I see my towels now I see that they are purple and green.

    I will have the other eye done in two or three weeks.

  • Hi Bettz,

    Good luck on your left eye cataract. Your right things are much brighter after my ops. But oh the shock of seeing lines around my eyes for the first time.

    Only buy brown or white towels now so I don't have to colour co-ordinate, come to think of it most of the house is decorated in shade of brown, coffee, cream and white.

    Take care.


  • Sorry about your sight problems and can understand why you get frustrated. You just have such a great way of telling the story and I'm afraid I was pulling your leg a bit, not meaning to sound unkind. I actually am full of admiration that you get out there and give it a go. Your box sounds great!

    Sue x

  • You did not sound unkind at all and I don't mind having my leg pulled, so pull away. Some things I have been banned from doing at the moment like using my sewing machines, needles (hubby has taken over the button sewing and hem mending for now) using my guillotine and scalpel for crafting or carving joints. All my fingers are crossed that the laser operations will have the desired effect.



  • Mine are crossed for you, too. Our sight is perhaps even more important when we have to sit down lots because we don't have the breath any more to be charging around. Do let us know. Take care x

  • You'd better be good next time Sue otherwise you'll be put out in the corridor!

  • Hi Vashti,

    I promise I will, I'm lucky she is a good friend and is used to my bumbling ways these days.

    And the sun has finally come out today, yippee.



  • Some adults teaching adults can make you feel in naughty mode; like you want to go to the back of the class & chat & giggle. Well done for making the effort & letting her comments wash over you. X

  • Hi Scorpiolass,

    I should know better before I took early retirement I taught employees how to use in-house computer software and apparently if they got to chatty I crossed my arms and put on my Anne Robinson face until they settled themselves down and I used to peer over the tops of my glasses lol. My craft tutor is a great friend so she knows I will not take offence and usually give back as good as I get.



  • Varifocals would help, but soon you won't be needing them.

    I am afraid I would have answered the teacher back, and maybe got the cane lol!

  • They have just given me Varifocals again but they are for distance only, unfortunately my eyes have had a quarrel and wont work together anymore.

    Still I have John as my guide person, so he does all the steering when we go out, though the odd brick wall that I crash into because I haven't seen it can come as a shock.

    I do occasionally do try to give Lisa a bit of back chat but she sends me to the naughty corner.



  • Doing craft activities in a group has many therapeutic qualities eg socialising, losing self in the craft process, achieving an end product, learning new skills etc etc.

    It sounds as though you were getting a lot out of it, but the teacher was intent on the end product and maybe isn't aware of your particular needs.

    Shame about the glasses though and I hope you get them sorted soon to make life easier for you

  • Hi lynnekay,

    I think it was more the other way round, she knows me only to well I just cant chat and craft at the same time. We have been friends for about 15 years now and I have attended her craft classes for about the same time and she has watched me go from a active person to what I am now I can't always get to our sessions it's all according to how the old lungs are. She has about 28 to 30 crafters on our evening session so has to keep us moving along. I always sit with somebody who can help me out if I get stuck on the cutting out stuff, they are a good bunch of girls.



  • that reminds me of me when i used to do pottery classes!!! ha ha!! martine xxx

  • Hi Montymillie,

    It does us good to be a bit cheeky now and again.



  • oh, most definetily sue, its the high light of my day being cheeky and winding some one up!!!! my poor poor family!!!

    take care martine xxx

  • I like that ..a bit cheeky..I am that!!!

  • Well done you for still going. It takes courage to know you can't do as well as others but go anyway. All that matters is that you get some pleasure out of it, which you obviously do. Always good to have someone who doesn't take it too seriously, too. Iris x

  • Hi Lyd12,

    I used to be a perfectionist but got myself really depressed when I started to loose the energy and eyesight, so decided just to enjoy to do what I can. I get the occasional blue mood because of the things I cant do any longer but remind myself of the things I can do and be thankful for that.



  • adorable post Sue--Nice to meet you--MmeT

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