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Love the new lay out

I'm so happy to be back on here with you,we all get a bit cranky now n again ,and there was a few rows going on,it was funny really. I don't feel alone anymore,but I will keep the pressure up,it's Discusting I have to go without my yearly copd app. All because I had ten for a sinus infection which I had to diagnose myself a few before. That is the state of things ,can't go to breath easy as its held in a public swimming pool,all that noise n smell of bleach. Too far away,can't do public toilets,claustrophobic n noise.

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Glad you don't feel lonely now and things on HU do seem to have improved. I am still here and like to offer support if l can.

Keep fighting your corner Colours and please stay in touch. Xxx 😍


It is nice to have you here, Colours. Don't be alone..

Tee xx

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Hi Colours, never ever feel alone! Always come & chat to us.

It seems a strange place to hold a breathe easy class in a public swimming pool. Not many of us could tolerate the chlorine smell.

Take care 🌺


Hi Colours, it's nice to see you back. I find the venue for the breathe easy class a bit stupid too. I bet there won't be many turn up to it. xx


wonder who's bright idea it was to hold it at a swimming pool with chlorine , makes you wonder what advice they are going to give if you do go ,


Lovely to have you back Colours - we're all here for you during the good times as well as the bad. xxx


Hi Colours nice to see you back posting

I,m also claustrophobic don,t do public

Toilets it,s a nightmare when out and about.

pat x


Great to see you back colours,,,,you get cranky....never 😂😂

Don't you ever feel know the great folks on here are always ready to support us when we are feeling down.

It's just lovely to hear from you.

Keep your chin up Gal 🌷🌷


Cranky at the moment Velvet xx 😂


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