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after over three years l go into Brompton lung hospital for two days so they can finally put a name to my lung problem. have been under my local hosp consultant who took me off steroids after two and a half years in june,as he was unsure what l had. Seems my flow rate has dropped and the dark patches now on both lower lung lobes has increased. Not surprised with no meds since june last year, as no one was prepared to put me on anything not knowing what l have.

Has anyone else been in LIND ward for investigation. As l live outside London, my husbands driving me in, stay for a while then returning the next day.

normally day visits, test ect do not bother me, but this is more like an MOT, and l have to stay in. Hate the idea of my husband leaving me. Plus l have the added worry of the driving to and fro for him.

am l being silly. know l need an answer to the problem and after all this time this looks like the only way. Count down is on for my admission, and l am getting so nerves. Guess l am being silly.

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Hello pamillia,

I am sure someone will come along shortly with some helpful answers. No you are not being silly - far from it. Your loving concern for your husband shows how he is upmost in your mind. Let us hope that there will be some answers for you and then you will know you are moving nearer to having the right medication.

Good wishes,



He has been very supportive. Over the years have undergone a lot of hospital appointments in the hope that we will get the answer we need. What some people seem to effect the effect it has on ur other half and family. Thank you for ur kind words.


hi pamilla, I have been under the Brompton for nearly 2 years. I have stayed on the lind ward on many occasions, its a small ward with I think 6 beds its a ladies ward only, men have another ward 4 beds. at the end of the corridor is the toilets and showers.

the nurses are lovely and so helpful. they usually do quite a few tests, so your nice and busy so the time goes very fast. their is a t.v room around the corner with lovely big arm chairs and oxygen piped into the walls, really handy, if your on it!!

I don't know your situation ,but you can get your gp to apply for transport. there and back.

try not to worry about the lind ward it really is a nice place to be in, compaired to some hospitals I've stayed at and the food is really good.

its not being silly, we all do not like the unknown and being separated from our people and pets.

I hope this might give you more of an idea what to expect, if you want to know some thing particular, just ask me, I don't mind at all.

take care of your self, martine xxx 😊💐


Thank you for ur reply. I have been there before as a day patient to have a lung wash,so l know it. However not the ward. I have a blue badge which is helpful. But u have to phone to book parking two weeks to the day and hope a space is available as they only six. In my case l will need it for both days.

On their admission notes online, they say u need to phone day before to confirm it still needed. Yet the letter they sent me says nothing about it. What did u do? Go in on the 16th, so not that far away.

Thanks for all ur help, really appreciate it.

Be safe,be happy. X


hi I would phone Transport office as you usually do and explain your going in and need parking for a few hours on the first day, and parking for a few hours on the day your leaving, I have noticed nobody ever leaves early in the day they are leaving, so I would book it for later 5 o' clock plus.

they start booking for a date 2 weeks in advance of the date, of course the nearer to the date the less chance of getting when you need. I have never been told to phone the day before, I usually phone they give me a few hours pass or if I need a longer one, half a day and i give them the registration number of the car and that's it done

hope this might help and good luck for the 16th, martine xxx

p.s. I have a blue badge as well, there is some not a lot though of disabled parking.


I'd expect nothing less from you with your helpful reply Martine - you are one in a million, special girl.



hi Jennifer that's a really lovely thing to say, thank you love, hope you doing ok and enjoyed the bank holiday, love martine xxx


It's true Martine. We have had a little amble round the field but it is still a bit too hot for Merlin. I'm going to poach a piece of salmon for tea, and we are having a bit of water melon just now. Hope you got chance to sit out today for a while.

Bye for now

love Jennifer.


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Lind Ward is brilliant, not like a "normal" hospital ward cos it's just short-stay. The staff are very kind & it's really easy-going. You have nothing to be concerned about, I promise. Parking is expensive (unless you have a blue badge) but there are usually spaces in the roads opposite. Mostly 2hr bays but some 4hr too. Between tests, if you let the staff know, you & husband can escape to one of the nearby cafes. Or The Crown right next door does authentic, and cheap, Thai food x


Ur information has been very helpful. Thank you so much. I have a blue badge but as l need parking for two days, not sure what will be available.

Take care, be well. X


As Millie says, if you're going in on 16 June you should be fine to reserve one of the hospital's spaces in Dudmaston Mews. The transport office staff are very helpful. But, if by chance there's a problem on the day (eg someone with no permit who parks in the space!) I've noticed the blue badge bays in Foulis Terrace are often available, and just beyond them is a line of 4hr bays your husband could use too. I hope your tests go well. Usually I see the consultant before I leave, I expect it's the same for everyone. It will be so good to get a firm diagnosis and a treatment plan :)


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