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I think i had the wrong type size there,never mind,my name is Bill i was on here a few years age but i fell by the wayside,or computer had enough of me and gave up.I will put a photo up when grand come over to work there magic and find them.I have COPD and had it for years but its now getting worse 4ltrs 24/7 oxygen.a blooming pain in the bum but still breathing (just).I hope all that have suffered over the winter are on the up now things are warming up (sic).

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Dovorian welcome back I've the same as you but not so severe not on oxygen yet can't wait to see your pics take care x


Hello Bill. So nice to meet you. I'm glad you've come back here as it's such a helpful place to be able to come to. I have obliterative broncholotis. It's not COPD but some of the symptoms are similar.

I hope you are doing well now that it's warmer. Have a lovely day.

Cas xx 🐸


Welcome back Bill


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