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Stand Back Please...The Family Are At It Again

Our family are much like a bag of wet cats...let them out and stand well back...

Himself's youngest son has a new girlfriend who has swamped FaceAche with declarations of fairness, she sounds like a really nice person...just hope she's kinder and more understanding than his first wife, who ran away with her judo instructor...

A weird quirk was that we became friends with the people who used to live in the cottage which Karl and his wife bought...they'd moved to Ireland a year before we did and we met up when we were into the animal rescue...

Anyway...Karl, and the new, and very full on woman friend, are planning to come and visit during the summer...she's the head of a special school so we'll have something in common straight away...

Teresa and Reuben are only here for a couple of days because they feel they can't stay long...their daughter has run away with another man taking her bewildered children with number three can't stay where they lived together because it's a council house and in her name...she keeps lurching from one relationship to another, dragging her three children behind her...

The men she has these 'affairs' with have children as well...

I do so feel like boxing her ears and telling her to get a grip and feckin grow-up...she's nearly forty for heaven's sakes.

She doesn't speak to me anymore because she was always bemoaning the fact she was bored...told her only boring people are bored...hasn't spoken to me since!

Of Karl's three adult daughters, only one speaks to him...the other two have taken their Mothers and the Judo mans side...

Don't they realise how short life is...they can't slips away and there's nothing on earth we can do to make it otherwise...

What memories will T's daughters children have of their childhood...the constant in their lives are their grandparents but they can't be there every minute of every day...

It's sad and distressing...just as well we live far away because if we didn't, my opinion would be heard whether they welcomed it or not.

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Families; seems it is hard to live without them & even harder to live with them. A sack of wet cats, I love this.x

O vashti what a shame for those children. I have parents like this - in order to maintain some kind of stability of my own I just don't contact them any more. Sounds like there's not a lot you can do. Sending a hug xx piggi xx

Hi vashti, ever though of writing the script for Coronation Street? Lol. John


Love the ' bag of wet cats' - made me laugh so much I ended up coughing. Your opinions are welcome here vashti, I agree with so many of them. Such a shame when families fall out especially when it impacts on their children. Hope there's a happy outcome in spite of present difficulties.

I watch my daughter in an abusive relationship and it breaks my heart but I can do nothing. Families eh?

Honestly, you have to have a license to have a dog but anyone can have a child!! Love the bit about 'boring people' 😂😂


Your family is not on its own vashti. Children carrying the burden of their parents inability to behave like adults. No wonder some are all mixed up. Grandparents end up with the mucky end.

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Divorce is so easy these days. So many people spit up, when they could have worked on their relationship and stayed together. I don't include abusive relationships in this category.

Perhaps a course like Driving Lessons, of six months of classes and plays acted out by the students would be very helpful. Can you imagine the outcry, if people had to have child care training before they could have children?


Have to say being a parent then a grandparent the hardest thing was biting my tongue

We certainly do not wish out family to make mistakes but that's just what families are all about. We go back and think what our parents and grandparents thought of our style in clothes music boyfriends etc. It's change and not always for the best.

Horses for courses? Audrey Jersey

A sack of wet cats is something I've never heard've got some of the same type people in your family as I's always something with them..perhaps it'll be less colorful in my 'next life'...

Well they say you can choose your friends but not your family, I am a lucky mum as our daughter is a caring mum and that includes her partners grown up children and she is also friends with her partners ex and my two grandbabies call her partners ex mummy dean. It can get confusing but it works and that is the important thing.

Hi Vashti, Just love the "bag of wet cats". We have our moments & sometimes there's a rumpus, but it usually works out. I just go deaf, loose my glasses & blame my breathing when it gets a bit much, naughty I know.

It's true, you can choose your friends, but families.........

Now then Vashti - I reckon between quite a few of us we could write a really good true life situation for TV it would be far better than the crap stories the soap producers come up with - just imagine "a bag of wet cats"

Yes sometimes distance is good. It is so much easier to keep quiet when you don't live round the corner! but it has it's downside too - you miss the grand children growing up.

I have to bite my tongue a lot on Skype!

Chin up - keep smiling - we are all here to listen.

Jean xx

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