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Went to see my consultant for my latest scan results on Friday and it was as I feared my emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis have got worse and there is no more that can be done for me and have possibly only got months left. However I have got a great team working with me to keep me comfortable from the doctors and the Douglas macmillan team and will fight this until the very end with the help of my wonderful family and friends. Although I feel rather down at the moment I intend to stay positive and get as much as I can out of life with my time remaining. This site has helped me a lot reading about other peoples problems and the ways you all try to get around things god bless you all ank92

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Sorry to hear that they can't do any more for you. Count each day as a bonus and don't let the b****rs get you down.

I'm so sorry to hear your sad news ank92. Glad you have a great team making sure you're comfortable.

It's not surprising you're feeling down but just come on here & chat to us.

We're here to listen anytime. God bless 🌺

ank92 I'm so sorry to hear your very sad news sending huge huggs and kisses and praying for you and your family best wishes Kathy xxx

So sorry to hear your news but you're an inspiring person with your positive attitude I'm pleased to hear you have such a good team of people of people around you for support. Hope to see you on here soon xx

Hi ank92, I'm so sorry to hear your news but very glad you have your lovely family around you. Wishing you the best with love, joy and quality of life . Macmillan Nurses are wonderful, they'll be there for your nearest and dearest as well as yourself.

thinking of you. Peege xx

Just keep on fitghting and do not let it get to you or look at it this way you are in a race and you want to win it and you will not stop till you get to the finish line as a winner good luck and god bless you

Hello Kevin

I am so sad to read your post. It must be very frightening to be told that your doctors can do no more for your illness and, I am sure, what many of us would be fearful of hearing too.

It must be comforting to know that you have a good palliative care team in place to help you as well as your loving family and friends around.

I hope, as you say, you do manage to get as much out of life as you can...say what you need enjoy some laughs.

I wish you comfort and peace, and if you need to talk or rage...we are here.

Thinking of you

Tee xx

Hi Kevin I too am very sad at hearing this news. However there are numerous examples, and some on here. of others being given this type of prognosis and are still beating the odds. Hopefully you have got a lot longer than a few months. Take care. Bev xx

Hello. I want to say I'm sorry because I am but it feels so inadequat. I am relieved to hear you are surrounded ajy loving friends, family and a wonderful medical team.

Although I am not religious, I believe that when we complete all the lessons we are meant to learn in life, we move on to the next life. There's another beginning waiting for us.

Sending a gentle hug and a rainbow. 🌈

Cas xx

I know that you do not know me but I felt that I wanted to say how genuinely sorry I am to read your news. I want to sincerely wish you all the best for the time that you do have, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Sorry to hear your news. May God bless and give you strength.

Hi Ank92,

I was sad to read you post but I have seen others beat the diagnonis.

You seem to have a good team around you which must give you some peace.

Just keep coming on here & talk about whatever you want - there is always someone to listen. I like Caspinia do believe we are all here for some sort of reason and that we all move onto a better place -

take care, peace & hugs & a good strong fighting attitude.

Jean xx

Hi makes my heart saddened to hear your news, I hope and pray you will go on fighting and have as many months as possible. I am so pleased you have the support of your family and a good team around to support and help you. My prayers go with you. Xxx

Like all the others Ank so sorry to hear your news. I was given 'til Christmas 15 and still here enjoying life, live each day as if it's your last is my motto now. Thinking of you. Love S Xx

Oh Ank that must be devastating news for you, no wonder you feel down.

Please feel comforted that people on this site care and if you're able, come on here and chat, rant or cry- however you feel that's ok.

My heart goes out to you

God bless

Kas xxx

Hi,. Was so sorry to hear your news......I am a firm believer in the old saying ....". Where there's life ,there's hope.". . ........and I sincerely hope you will fight for every last moment.


Hi , so sorry to hear your sad news ,pleased to hear you have a great family and health professionals around you at this time ,,,,when your feeling low ,,,come on here for a chat we will try to brighten your day ,God bless you ,you are in my prayers ,

Hi ank92 I am so sorry to here there is nothing else to be done. Please stay with us so we can support you. Take care x

Very sorry to hear your news. I am glad you have a good team to help you. Its important to get all the help you can. You sound like a tremendously strong person. Thinking of you and yours. Take good care of yourself .

You have a wonderful attitude & are so inspirational. Keep on fighting & I hope you have lot longer than the predicted few months. Sounds like you have a great team to help you as well as great family and friends. All very best wishes ank.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes it means a lot to me ank92

You are a very brave person Ank. You are right to think about making the most of the time you have. May it be enjoyable. My prayers are for you. God bless and love.


Bless you ank92 and hope you get the most out of whatever time you have left. It is great to have wonderful support around you and we are here for you too.

Take care. xxxx

Hi , Sorry to hear of your bad news , I was given 3 to 18 month in 2013 - I have lasted a further 18 month - not been easy , but we have to keep at it ,and hope they have got it wrong , I am very low myself at the moment and trying to be a bit more sensible in what i try to do myself. (accepting Help ) Hope you keep your strength up and fight it .

Good luck - Will say a prayer for you ( I am not very religious but i find it does help me John

So glad that they got it wrong with you and that gives me hope as someone said to me where there is life there is hope, Hope you continue to beat the odds and prove them wrong best wishes ank92

i came so close to death a year ago (had pneumonia and a mucus plug dropped and plugged my lung and was unable to get my breathe.) Thank heavens for quick response from ambulance or I would have been gone. i was with family who called for help. it wasn't my time.

you have a wonderful spirit and outlook. i firmly believe we do not go until it is our time. i am going to try to have that same outlook as yours when my time does get nearer as it does for us all! God Bless!

hi ank, so sorry to hear your bad news, i'm really glad you feel you have a great team behind you it defanetly helps.

i'm thinking of you and sending you good vibes, to help pick up your mood!!!

we are a lucky bunch to have each other (HU) so many people ready to listern and give caring words. at times we really need to get things off our chests, so to speak and this is the place.

take it easy my love, thinking of you and sending my love and hugs, martine xxx 💗

im so sorry--you cannot have a transplant?? MmeT

Me too - I'm sorry for your news. I wish you grace and love. Piggi xxx

Hi ank92, I have the same conditions as you and had all test done around the same time as you, what you need too do is to live each day the best as you can, I am lucky my wife takes all the pressure off me and is my rock. You need to keep you mind busy and not let bad thoughts take over your head. Plan and prepare each day, try and get on any pulmonary rehab or any Breathe Easy Groups offered to you. Be positive and stay positive.

There comes a time, and this may be yours, when we must take a longer look at where we are now and where we are about to go. I urge you to turn your eyes and your heart to Jesus Christ, who came to die on the cross for the salvation (an eternity with God in Heaven) of all of us who trust him to do so. If you have a bible (or get one) read John 3:16, where that’s exactly what it tells us. And 1 John 5:13, where God tells us that we can be absolutely sure of it. I hope to see you there one day before very long. Believe and you can rejoice in what lies before you!

Good afternoon Ank,

Such a sad letter. Nobody wants to leave and say goodbye. You have great support from your family and macmillan, and I so want them all to help ease your way painlessly, but you know there is always hope, and that is a powerful word. Be strong in love.


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