Good to be home

Good to be home

Have arrived home today after 13 nights stay in hospital . I have been concerned for some time regarding my low oxygen levels despite the monthly abs and steroids. I have been on 24 hour oxygen. Blood gas tests have shown a need to have home oxygen which was installed this morning. Now looking forward to getting out and about and getting more fun out of life than I have recently. Meals out on the menu. I cannot fault the treatment I received, and have arrived home in much better condition than I went in. our family have been brilliant to keep up the visits and bringing treats. And sorting my washing out. Intend to log in daily again now and catch up. Wishing everyone well.


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  • joyce74 love the pic and home sweet home for you then Joyce sounds like they've looked after you well enjoy your freedom take care Kathy x

  • " So nice to see you back with us all Joyce.. All you need to do now is Chill....have a lovely weekend....Megan.."

  • Welcome home Joyce! What a beautiful tree in the picture! So glad to hear you're feeling better.

    Sounds like you were well looked after but you'll be pleased you're home now.

    Take care & enjoy your weekend. 🌷

  • Welcome home. Glad you are feeling better.

    Tee x

  • Welcome home.Hope the oxygen helps a lot. I have been on it for nearly 5 years has helped me a lot.

  • Welcome home. Sorry to hear about your stay in hospital, sounds like you have a lovely family to take care of you. The blossom tree looks beautiful. Take things easy for a while, don't do to much to soon.

  • So glad your home and feeling better. The oxygen will make all the difference to your life, and give you peace of mind.

    Kim xx

  • Nice to see you back Joyce. x

  • A new lease of life. Wonderful - you can start living again Joyce, and I think you intend to do just that. I am so happy for you. What a lovely photograph of blossom. Thankyou for posting.


  • Hurray!! So glad you are home and feeling better Joyce. That is marvellous news. Please have loads of fun now that you're home again. That's a beautiful picture by the way.

    Welcome home hugs.

    Cas xx 🏡😊

  • welcome home - look forward to hearing how you are doing. Jean x

  • Welcome back, have a lovely weekend 😃

  • Good to have you home again Joyce and what a lovely tree in all its glory. You take care and enjoy life. xxxx

  • Welcome home Joyce glad you're feeling better and looking forward to enjoying life again. Take care x

  • Must be lovely to be home and to be feeling better. Enjoy a bit more living it up. Take care, Sue x

  • So pleased your home Joyce, and that your feeling much better. You will soon get used to the oxy and enjoy many trips out. Xx

  • Good to hear your home and finally feeling better ,you can't beat being in your own home ,,,,even when the hospital have looked after you very well ,,,,,feet up ,relax and have quality time with your family ,💐

  • glad your home and feeling better ,

  • Welcome home, hope you had a good night back in your own bed (nothing better).

    take care

    polly xx

  • Glad to see you feeling a lot better Joyce and so positive. Enjoy your freedom, meals out etc xx

  • it is so nice for you to be home, hospital stay are a bit draining being woken at all hours for temp being taken and early morning rise

  • Good for you Joyce, no place like home.

  • Ahhh back in your own bed - you can't beat it.

  • Hello Joyce, wonderful that you are home now and in great spirits. Yes having family support in these situations is truly a blessing. Good to know that you are feeling better.

  • So pleased you are back home, tree outside looks beautiful. Enjoy yourself now they have helped to make life better for you. Take care, Hilde x

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