Can anyone help me please, my husband has been diagnosed as having Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.  His condition was brought to a head last June.  He was diagnosed as having advanced IPF and is now under the Brompton Hospital.  Due to have a biopsy and lavage done in June.  Can anyone tell me whether he would be entitled to DLA or PIP as his breathing is getting worse by the week? I would be more than grateful for any info, especially a Blue Badge for parking due to his inability to walk without continually coughing.

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  • Hi, sorry to hear about your husband and his poor health. I am sure he could apply for PIP or DLA (I do find it all a bit confusing and think PIP is supposed to replace DLA but I could be wrong) and a Blue Badge. Get in touch with the DWP and see what they have to say.

    I am sure someone will be on soon who can advise you and I just want to wish you good luck and hope things work out for you and your husband. xxx

  • PIP has now replaced DLA for all new claims.   Anyone of working age who is currently on DLA will get written notification of the changes and an invitation to reapply for PIP instead.   I am awaiting mine with dread..    x

  • Thanks for that info Bev. xxxx

  • If he is under 64 he can apply for PIP. It goes on how his condition effects his daily life not what conditions he has. If you apply for it I would get help from the CAB to fill in the form x

  • Hi

    Entitlement for PIP and Blue Badge are dependent on how you are affected by the condition rather than the condition it self. When applying for PIP if under 65. Seek advice from local CAB office. Further information from.


    You can download a copy of the claims form PIP 1and PIP 2 from the website, give you a idea of the requirements. A successful higher rate mobility claim is a passport to a Blue Badge, otherwise it is by assessment.

  • Hi, here is a link for a uk gov website info and on the right hand side is AA  Attendence Allowance) info, ring up and ask for a claim form to be sent to you. Meantime get a letter from your husbands consultant  stating that your husband has a life threatening illness, send this with the completed form back to the Benefits Office and the correct amount of benefit should commence, he should'nt have to attend an interview or examination.............. this is what I did, I have IPF too.  Ring up your local council and ask for a blue badge application, I did this on line as well and post the completed form accompanied by a copy of the letter from your consultant back to the council and your blue badge should be issued. I hope it runs smoothly and you get some benefits soon, it really does help with the added expense.



  • You mean PIP Peter,  not DLA.  x

  • Pip is for under 65's I think? Over that and we claim Attendence Allowance.

  • Hello. I can't help with information about PIP but I just wanted to say I'm so sorry your husband is unwell. This is a fabulous place for support. It has helped me so much. If you need help or just to talk. Sending you love and light. 

    Cas xx 

  • Hi I don't know the age if your husband but if he is under 65 he can claim PIP if he's over 65 he can claim Attendance Allowance. Please do get help from either CAB or Disability Right filling in the form. With regard to a blue badge you need to contact your local council and ask for a form to be sent out to you. Hope this helps take care x

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