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Well I got one or two of the jobs done the hot weather done for the rest  I was in the garden yesterday day it just about killed me I do not know what to do the cold does me in and the hot does the same I stopped more than I got done but it was good to do something  I had a good nights sleep in a long time  to day I am doing some jobs in the house  the washing  and cleaning so that will not be to bad and may be look at a bit of tv after I hope every one is as good as can be take care ED 

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I know what you mean about the weather, Ed, - there are about two days a year when it's just right! You've been doing a lot and that makes you feel good, but a bit of a rest is allowed. If you don't, you'll put the rest of us to shame.

Be well, Sue x

Know what you mean about stopping Ed, I spend more time getting my breath than doing any little job! But as long as we carry on while we can it doesn't matter how many rests we have. Good that you had a productive day, always makes us feel better if we achieve something however small! Xx

I find its best to get up early if you have bits to do and get them done before the heat gets too bad then just relax and enjoy the heat when it gets to hot

I like mmzetor's suggestion of getting things done early before it gets hot. I also find I have more energy in the mornings. At any rate do take things easy. Sending happy thoughts. 

Cas xx

Good morning Ed,

A little late -sorry - catching up. The thing is, if you can do a bit at a time, you are on the move.....just have to be aware of our body telling us enough, and leave it for today or a couple of hours.  plus, you got a good night's sleep. 

I really hate it too hot, but I like the cold. Temps in the 50's are good. My lungs don't like it too hot or too cold though:-)

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