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Hello I hope your all well. Been off work since February with this and still no sign of returning. Still get breathless and still tired after small tasks. I've also been told I got severe acid latest problem is my hair as started dropping out in handfuls. I've noticed how thin my hair as gone and am concerned. Doctor says it stress from illness. I'm worried about it. As anyone else had this problem and if so how long does it last

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  • Hi Deaks. You don't say if you taking anything for your acid reflux ( a lot of us are, it goes with lung conditions) or whether your lung problems are being controlled and treated on a daily basis. I had pneumonia and an empyema feb 2015 and was very poorly. Also dragging myself around and my hair went very thin.  My GP found that I was anaemic so have been taking folic acid for about a year and making myself eat good food. I have also tried various shampoos to restore hair and find Loreal Elvive Fibrology by far the best. My hair is now thickening up beautifully. Our hair is a good indicator of struggling with health problems and hopefully, if you can get those under control you will be able to build yourself up.

  • I wonder if that would work for me?  I am not losing my hair but it has always been thin and very greasy.  x

  • you can only try. Don't laugh but when my hair was at its worst I found that Mane n Tail was the only thing which worked. Yes it's a horse shampoo which horse owners found worked a treat on their own hair so now it is being sold as multi purpose. They also make a conditioner and a hair thickening spray. The original smells funny ( new one with better smell doesn't seem to work so well) which is why I eventually moved over to the Elvive shampoo. You can get it on Amazon. Do let me know if anything helps. It can take about a month /six weeks before you see any difference because of the cycle of hair growth.

  • Thanks SS.   If it works don't knock it :)  I presume you use the thickening one?  I have tried them before and they have always been rubbish.   Will try this one.  x

  • Yes there are a lot of so called hair thickening and hair restoring products on the market. Most of them useless and extremely expensive. Give the horsey shampoo a go and I hope it works!

  • Er.. don't want to smell funny :)  x

  • ha ha. It only smells funny when you are using it, not when your hair is dry. Especially if you use a tiny bit of conditioner, because of your greasy hair and the strengthening spray which smells quite nice if I remember. You could always try the one that smells better. xx

  • Phew that's a relief thanks SS :)  x

  • Been doing some reading about Main n Tail and apparently they use something made from animal hide in it.  As a veggie yuck!  Also although most reviews are good apparently with greasy hair you have to wash it more often as it strips the oils out.   Might try the other one though.  x

  • hope you find something that works.xx

  • Deaks, I forgot to say that the original Mane n Tail horse shampoo ( sold on amazon) really really worked but I moved over to Elvive when my hair 

    had thickened because I was tired of the funny smell and the mane n tail with a better smell didn't work so well.

  • Hello. I been on omemprazole. I heard it can cause hair loss doctor disagreed he agreed to change me to ranitidine but it still happening. Thank you for advise. X

  • Hi Deaks. I have been taking lanzaprozole since 2012 and didn't lose any hair until I was poorly in 2015. You can never guess what causes it. Years ago I had an episode after a car crash.

  • Just fed up cos I thought I'd be back at work now. X

  • Hi as discussed with you previously I have been off work for same length of time as you. I understand how fed up you are. I am the same very fed up and quite unhappy about situation. I saw GP last week and she wouldn't entertain idea of my returning to work. In fact has signed me off for a further 4 weeks! 

    I have arranged to see senior GP at practice mid May to try to persuade him to allow me to return to work. Even if he makes a number of sanctions to my return it would be better than sitting staring at 4 walls all the time! I DO know I am still far from well but am still better than when first unwell.....

  • That's exactly how I feel. I'm going back to doctors to ask for blood tests to make sure not missing anything and it is stress. My sicknote ends 11th may. X

  • My work place won't let me return without confirmation from GP that am well enough to be there! 

  • Mine want me better first. It just a waiting game. 

  • Hi Deaks, I hope things start improving soon. I have been very breathless and feeling very down to and I tried to go back to work but only lasted 1 day and a bit. I keep thinking it will get better soon. It really is a waiting game and looking after yourself. I hope to go back again 8th May. I have to see doctor again on Wednesday. I did not realise my hair thinning was because of stress or meds so I have to try that shampoo to. Good luck and health to you x

  • Hi Deaks, reading the leaflet that comes with Omeprazole, it does mention hair loss as one of the 'possible ' side effects but not a common side effect. I've been taking it for two years now and whole I do tend to shed hair after severe bouts of illness, it usually corrects itself and gets back to normal. I think a lot of steroids especially can lead to hair thinning but not so bad that you'd notice. Could be, as SS suggested, that you might be very rundown after illness and possibly anaemic. I hope it settles itself soon and I'm sure it will.

  • Aww thank you. Doctor says stress but I'm stressing more because the hair coming out. 

  • I used to have strong thick hair , and the hairdresser would complain that it blunted her scissors.  When I got older I assumed it would get thinner like my Gran's, and it has but there is still plenty of it.  You are probably right about stress, just do your best to ignore it - it will come back


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