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Still in a state of flux

Hi all.  

I thought after posting a "I feel sorry for myself" message last week, I'd update all you kind people who gave me lots of sympathy and support.  My 89 yr old mother is recovering from her colostomy but is still in hospital (40 miles away) because it's healing rather slowly, although she's bright and well in herself.  I'm still on tenterhooks as the docs keep telling her she could be discharged any time, so I still lug my case with me every time I visit.  

I have to say that BOC have been very helpful, delivering O2 supplies to her home for me in readiness for my stay, and being very understanding about the delays.  Also, despite all the horror stories one hears about hospitals, the one my mother is in is marvellous - the care, food, communications and staff attitudes are wonderful

I keep counting my blessings

Love to you all 

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Well that's good news! (not the lugging the case around bit) at least she is moving in the right direction and keeping her spirits up not long now and you'll have her at home. Thank goodness she has a good hospital and caring staff, that makes a huge difference so not long now and good luck to you all xx


We will count them for you too.  Great news for you and your Mum. Every day brings her a little closer. I am relieved things are moving along smoothly at the moment, despite you having to lug your possessions around  I bet you feel like a snail:-) Doesn't it make a lovely change to hear good things about hospitals and staff.


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Pleased your mum is getting better; it's a pity about you having to cart everything around though. I can only carry very little but I managed to go abroad alone, using a 4 wheeled suitcase. Have you tried this ? It may help. X


Hi lynnekay glad to see things are looking on the up feel free to rant whenever you need to Hun good to get it out! You take care of yourself as well debs xx


Hi lynnekay, just to thank you for the quote about walking in other people's moccasins that you wrote in reply to Jennifer's Birthday Greetings post. I sometimes need reminding...thanks .


Hi Lynnekay, glad to hear your mother may be home shortly,although you say her hospital is rather fantastic. Once she's at home make sure you are not pushing yourself too hard as we don't want you becoming run down etc. My oxygen suppliers, Air Liquids are very good also if ever I'm needing replacement cylinders but I'm away from my normal home address. Wish more people could be as pleasant as the oxygen ladies/men -nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. Anyway, take care.


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