GOSH stop STOOLING around

GOSH stop STOOLING around

AS some will know I have had RIGHT gut trouble WAS prescribed OMEPRAZOLE that did very good job at making me iller and constipated.

Which brings me to subject of this post TITLE ... anyway I am no longer constipated AND I discovered heavy stools " ones that go with right thump " are very bad for you in long run.

Am sure you know ones " ones have to brace for " lol.

Luckily in the end I did not need laxative as stoping OMEPRAZOLE was enough to return normal function.

But what I did come across was aarticle on laxatives causing neurological electrical disfunction WELL I never knew that.

Was enough for FDA to issue laxative warning on all prescription over counter laxatives.

Guess I will be sticking to coffee of fresh orange juice WHEN am next constipated.

Polyethylene glycol : gutsense.org/gutsense/the-r...


Also after reading FarmerD troubles and my own sudden epiphany ... Could candidas be causing my stomach issues as well.

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  • Good idea to find out about Candida JAS to at least put your mind at rest. Xxx 

  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brist...

    The link above describes the various stools and there usual reason for their form etc.  This method was used to help with my son's chemo treatment to guage how to help him best?

  • Hi offcuts nice to see ya around .. Was just thinking how not seen you lately hope alls well with you and ya son.

    Was going to mention a program I was watching on cardiac events AND how most guys would benerfit from requesting doctors do hormone check I.e testerone levels.

    That was it .. on this morning was ANYWAY doctor was going on guys with low testerone suffer more cardic events than those with high testerone.

    Long and short of it is the do cream you rub into your body and the say thos e that used cream sufferd less events than those that never bothered.

  • Very interesting, I take Movecom whilst on Chemo, must re-read side effects, but know where you are coming from think we have all experienced this.

  • Hi Cheers was shocked myself .. That IBS Colonscopy prep stuff is mention in list .. that stuff ya have to drink bucket full.

  • It's a known medical fact that constipation in elderly people can affect memory and cause confusion. 

  • What about people in there late 50's? Can the same thing be true for them? Hope you or someone will know. Hugs SarCisMe xx

  • Hi Jeff sorry you've been having problems. I have a recipe no side effect yummy to eat. Works every time.  

    1 cup of:-Allbran, soft brown sugar, currants, sultans & raison (you can use three cups of mixed fruit) 1/2 TSP of mixed spice 2 cups of milk. Put it all in a bowl & leave to soak ( @ least 30 min up to 5hrs) add 1 cup of SR flour. Grease and flour a loaf tin put the mixture in bake @ 190C approx 1 hr. You can use any size cup. Depending on the size of the tin. Use a foil dish if you don't have a loaf tin. You cut it into slices put a little butter on serve with a nice cup of tea. Don't have more than 1 slice a day u less your really constipated

     Do give it a try Nan



  • I used to make this year's ago Nan. It's delish!  

  • Yes & very effective. Something that's yummy & good for you.


  • JAS if you've taken lots of antibiotics over the years the chances are that you'll have candidiasis. It's difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. Good luck!

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