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Long waiting times for lung cancer treatment

Hi guys,

Being given a cancer diagnosis is always a devastating blow. Hopefully, they'll catch it in time for you to take advantage of different treatment options such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

But what if the waiting list is so long that the treatment becomes less effective? Or worse?

I really hope this isn’t a familiar situation for any of you. But if it is, then you might be interested in this opportunity to tell your story.

We’ve been contacted by a TV company who are planning a series on long cancer waiting times in England.

They’d like to speak to someone who has suffered as a result of poor waiting times. Alternatively, if your loved one passed away because they were made to wait too long for treatment then you might like to help.


If you get involved then you’ll be filmed talking about what happened. The company would be happy to come to you though, so please don’t feel like you live too far away to get involved.

Would you like to tell your story? For more information, please contact Natasha on our press team, either by calling 020 7688 5564 or by emailing her at Natasha.Holder@blf.org.uk.

Thanks for reading all.


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Am still waiting to find out if antibiots worked .. Thats standerd GP BS procudure.

Guess thats why most are DX to late given GP incompitance and not being refering to lung specialist in time.

Luckly I have big mouth so fair well when it comes to screening.

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