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" Asthma is over diagnosed and trivialised"

This is a headline on the BBC news website today.

The article continues by saying ' as a result a child is admitted to hospital every 20 minutes with an asthma attack.....and asthma attacks still kill the equivalent of a classroom of children every year in the U.K.'

I know my daughters were handed Ventolin inhalers , many years ago now, after wheezy chests were diagnosed. I also remember the rows of inhalers that suddenly appeared , again many years ago, when I was still teaching. 

I still get the comment myself, ' oh , it's only asthma you've got' from friends and acquaintances even when I am struggling to breathe.

Perhaps someone can put a direct link up for me to the BBC news website. Thanks 

I hope this doesn't scare anyone is a difficult subject.

I am not locking this post....just to let you know...thanks 

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Some have never had to comfort small child of their own with asthma, it is your worst nightmare - and theirs.


knitter I can empathize with I've always had asthma for as long as I can remember no cats for my face would swell up and I'd get great big heat lumps all over my body so for some people to say oh it's only asthma then they've never had it x


It's a very frightening condition for an adult to live with, let alone a child.

Every attack could turn life threatening very quickly.

Public Awareness is Vital, as we sufferers never know when it's going to happen.


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Thanks for sharing that knitter. It is vital that everyone knows about asthma and the terrible effects it has on young lives. My son in law has it and l pray my grandson never does.

"Only asthma " it most certainly is not.

Take care. Xxx 

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