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COPD or not COPD that is the question

Hi all hope your all ok and had a great easter havent been on for a while as heads been pickled a bit!!

just wanted some  advice as after my copd results now it isnt copd?? heads a bit pickled.

Apparently all my breathing problms are due to anxiety and my spirometry results which I am trying to get from specialist say I had a picture of mild obstruction but poor technique and overall normal lung function and  my FEV1 was underestimated due to poor technique. and then it follows to say I now dont have COPD??

over time they want to step down my medication over time and now Im confused as when the weather is raining or warm I do get a tight chest maybe from my severe allergies not asthma??

I am obviously happy If I dont have COPD just  very confusedf as all my breating problelms since being young Is anxiety.

I wasnt aware anxiety causes daily mucus production which I cannot have antihistamines for as it dries out the mucus and affects breathing even more recently.

Has anyone else ever had a similar diagnosis of anxiety and what is mild obstruction due to poor technique?

just thought after 4-5 years of tests Id be getting somewhere v confused.

also two years ago when having a spirometry my assthma nurse said I had a big set of lungs and off the record I could have copd??

Have a great day all take care.

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also my spiro results after neb showed no signs of increase


Hi, i have a book about hyperventilation syndrome, which describes the physical symptoms that may occur when we over breathe .

It puts an emphasis on retraining the breathing pattern....slow and gentle with a relaxed diaphragm....belly breathing. It's easy to get into a pattern of quick panicky breaths and getting into a circle of anxiety and breathlessness.


Thanks knitter weird thing is i never hyperventilate rqpidly just hqve tightning cjest and bit breqthless when eating and excercising etc. Will look at link thou many thanks


Hi again, I went on a Buteyko breathing course years ago....their reasoning is that some people have ' hidden hyperventilation' ....they over breathe without realising it, not just the big panicky hyperventilating attacks. 

Their is a website called normal breathing ...it's a bit odd, but it tries to explain hidden hyperventilation.

The book I read was mentioned in a post on this site some time ago. Self help for Hyperventilation Syndrome by Dinah Bradley. I think she has a website too.

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After being diagnosed 45 years ago as a Chronic Bronchitic and having a lobectomy of the left lung, a lung capacity of 90 and coughing sputum every day my gp said, after a spirometry test that I had asthma, further tests followed which proved I din't have asthma either.so the GP said I didn't have anything. I have spent 18 months of waiting for appointments and test etc. The upshot is that after my latest Spirometry test I have severe COPD, apparently the original test hadn't been carried out properly. I would say if you aren't convinced by the answers you are getting, phone the help line on this site, and check again with your GP. The good news for me is, that my new medication is working well, and I feel lots better. Patience is a virtue!!


Thanks everyone been going round in circles for years with this(5) will get fev results abd try and get another done. Also im borderline hypertyroid wharever that means and vit d deficient and muscular loss. Will push with doc for more tests. Everyone have a good evening again thanks for all the replies. 


Hi Wartonk,I have very severe emphysema Fev1 of 20% . Anxiety can make my breathing a lot worse if I don,t recognise it,It plays a big part in this condition.Thinking one can not breathe is terrifying and our flight or fight reaction is very strong.D.               PR.tought me this.


Hi all hope youre having a lovely day wherever you are. Just a confusing update my mild lung obstruction breathing problems and bad spirometry technique(eh)and constant mucus production problems from my specialist where i was going ( was having a methachlorine and ph test for my lpr reflux in november) and now my doctor has got involved got me discharged from the specialist after a long word with her and says its all anxiety!! Can doctors do this? Ive been looking for answers for 4 years and my low level anxiety has been great and now i feel because of my doctor im back to square one!!

So anxiety can cause mucus production wheeze and breathing problems and mild obstruction. 

Has anyone every been told what a mild obstruction is as they wouldnt x ray me or ct me again as i had them 2 years ago?

Very confused and annoyed

Sorry for the rant and have a good day everyone take care


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