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COPD medication

Hi COPD members Dave Sr. from Harvey,IL.60426 USA to tell you that I also have crumbling teeth and I am lucky if get four hours of sleep a night plus I have a mouth so dry sometimes it feels  like I have a desert in my mouth. Oh !  by the way somebody  mention  a medication called Simacort  I use to take it until my lung doctor gave me a sample of a medication called  Asmatix Twist Inhaler, because my health insurance  would not pay it anymore they said it was to expensive to purchase on my plan so i will say by for now your friend from the USA David Tormala Sr..

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Welcome David, 

Please see my reply about reflux to Joannii. What you have might be nothing to do with that, but it is one possible explanation. Ive had pieces coming off my teeth for years, and sleep problems until i got my reflux under control. 

The dryness seems to be worse with a class of drugs called anticholinergics. Ive had to stop Spiriva some years ago, then last year had to stop another newer one from the same group, the Ombrez Breezhaler.

So those kind of meds are useless for me, I literally couldn't speak, let alone hold a conversation.  But everyone is different - Symbicort suits me well.  Im sorry you were taken off it, assuming it was working for you.  U.S. healthcare seems such a nightmare.

Try raising the head of your bed and sleep on your left hand side.  That might help, but nothing lost by trying anyway! 


Welcome David from the USA I'm on symbicort and it suits me also like o2trees Im on spivira my mouth gets dry but I drink plenty of water and my gums and teeth are fine maybe because I've got dentures lol take care Kathy x

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Hi David,

I am in USA too. My insurance company wouldn't pay for Symbicort anymore either. They put me on Advair instead and I don't think it works well for me. Good Luck with your COPD. tbeth


Hi David - sucks re health insurance in the US - just hope we in the UK never get to that stage (the current Government are trying very hard to privatise our NHS).  Hope things get better for you.  Take care.

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