Intense rib pain

Has anyone had this experience? I admit I did over indulge at Easter, but the following day I went to my friends' house as they had  kindly invited me lunch.  I was suddenly seized by terrible vice-like pains in the ribs.  It was though someone had put a tight clamp round me.  Fortunately it only lasted a few minutes, but during that time I nearly passed out.  Would this be related in any way to the lung problem?

I would be grateful for any comments.


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  • Hi sherry the only time I had that I was it was wind who would think it could hurt that much I thought I was dying but I'd been to a wedding and hadn't stopped eating ,but I think you should go see your doc take care Kathy x

  • If it went away it is probably just a spasm. Keep an eye on it. If it has left a pain in your chest go to the GP and suggest theyget you xrayed. Last year Ihad similar and thought I had hurt a rib. I had a pain under ribs afterwards which turned out to be an empyemawhen the pleural membrane has split. Yours doesn't sound like that though.

  • Hi Ann, based on my Mums experience perhaps good to get in contact at least to set your mind at rest, with your Dr or Nurse practitioner or contact in respiratory....always worth checking just in case and jump on if an isse xx

  • Morning.

    Sometimes my lungs just ache, when I away on holiday they just felt inflated but I didn't feel ill just a little more breathless. Keep an eye on it though sometimes pain can be because of an infection.

    Kim xx

  • Hi sherry, any chest pain should be investigated ...there could be many reasons for it. Can you ring your GP today for advice, just tell the receptionist what happened .

    Best wishes

  • This kind of pain needs to be taken very seriously. Ask for an emergency appointment with your GP. If you can't get an immediate appointment, ring 111, the former NHS Direct and discuss the full symptoms with them. 

    Probably indigestion but you should get more serious problems ruled out. 

  • Good morning Ann - I have only just read your Post and seeing the replies ahead of mine, you've possibly taken some action by now.  However, I was really sorry to hear you had that horrid, sharp pain - I have had them, and occassionally still do experience, something very similar to what you described here.  

    I had several acute attacks of pleurisy in my left lung, prior to being diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, and my consultant explained to me that these sharp, vice-like pains are where there can often be a 'pleural rub' causing the pain, that can quite literally take your breath away.  

    That being said, on one occasion, I'd managed to get an emergency consultation with my consultant as the pain was so bad and I was admitted into hospital immediately.  I was on IV antibiotics for a week, which shows it's always worth getting these things checked out and putting your mind at rest.  

    I hope all goes well for you and it was just a case of over-indulging ;). Take care and my very best wishes to you.

  • Thank you so much Covenham.  I think now it might have been a case of over indulgence.  I am due to see my doctor next month for a check-up and will mention this to her.  Certainly if it recurs I will ask about it.  I hope you are keeping well and have had no more recurrence of this unpleasant pain.

    My very best wishes


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