It's been a while since posting anything but, here is a snippet of info I got from a friend of mine who is a retired doctor. He knows I have IPF and I told him I developed a number of small warts on my hands and a rather large one on the inside knee. To which he said that sometimes when the immune system is under stress (my words not his) the body becomes confused and you can get warts. So I have had them treated, they are gone and, I must admit I am feeling marginally better...hope it's not psychosomatic. Just thought I would share it with you. 

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  • Alveo its certainly good know I've not experienced any warts but will keep an eye out happy Easter x

  • Hi there. It's just one of the responses that the body can make. Warts is just one of possibly many. Happy Easter to you too x

  • Yes, I have some the doc called them geriatric warts.... cheeky monkey lol!

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