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Time out

High every one I have been away for a bit on health unlock I have had one or two bad days but now feeling a little better my copd gave me some stick for a day or to and felt like doing nothing I now have taken up my model making again and getting out more I think my wife got a little bit fed up of me I am getting around a bit even if it's slow the cold is not helping what with my knees and my copd I will be happy when Spring is here if it comes so every one take care and be good ED

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Glad you are doing better Ed and getting out more. Xxx


good to hear you are feeling a bit better. Roll on summer :)


Hi Ed, nice to see you back. Sorry you've been feeling out of sorts.

As you say, Spring is round the corner, hopefully!

Will do you good to get out but just take it slowly.

Keep well & take care 🌸

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It's good to hear you are feeling much better and able to move more. It gives you an incentive to carry on with your hobbies, plus the days are getting longer and lighter and hopefully warmer....... Spring is on the way now :-)


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