Should I run?

Hello, I have been coughing up a lot of phlegm for the past 2 months and feel v fatigued especially by early evening. Had recurring chest problems since 2012 but this is the worst it has been. Previously cycled to work and done Parkrun and sprint triathlons but all of this feels beyond me at the moment. However tomorrow I'm supposed to do a 10k charity run which I signed up for last year. Should I do it? I am very distressed by all of this. I just want to get better.

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  • it really is up to you your the only person who can make that decision , I wouldn't be able to run to bottom of garden now , but by the sound of you I wouldn't think its a very good idea for you at min if you feel fatigued and breathing isn't very good you don't want to over do things so you end up in hospital , just my opinion , if you do decide to do it I would like to wish you good luck

  • It is good to keep active but is equally important to rest; for some reason the latter is far less emphasised. I could not run anywhere now but I do like a daily walk. x

  • Me to I couldn't run but do try to walk as much as I can at a snail pace x

  • I have reached a happy compromise. My niece and her husband are running it, my sister in law is walk/jogging and me and my brother who has a bad back are walking it.

  • It seems a good compromise, but 10k is quite a distance so I do hope that if you start to feel tired you will stop. It's hard to give up, especially when it's for charity, but no-one will want you to overdo it when you're still struggling with chest problems. There will be other charity runs you can do when you've recovered properly.

    Wishing you the best of luck, whatever you decide. Jan :-)

  • Well said jabber. Don't feel bad if you can't do it. Good luck whatever you decide to do Trinite.

    Jennifer :-)

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