Good morning today I bacame the proud owner of 5 hours sleep!!! Am thrilled and already looking forward to another hopefully 5 hours!!! Usuall if any I have manage hour and half I have seen doctor twice this week first time gave me Zopiclone 7.5 didn't work crawled back yesterday and was given diazepam 5mg an I slept ha! I got ten tablets and will only use them Thursday an Friday as I need to be on the ball for my thirty hour shift that begins Saturday morning till Sunday ha! Am absolutely thrilled or shu I say knocked out by them even tho I know already when they have gone I can't see doctor giving me them again as 'addictive' funny really cos I was able to buy cigarettes at you ng age an got COPD as a thank you gift ha!. Am having echo graph Tuesday real quick appt as cancellation I was next n list once again am fortunate to have this go quickly an no long waiting list ! after that am really hoping that my insomnia I hope will finally lfought and won whatever meds needed. It's cold rainy day here but I see sunshine and flowers ha! Hope Friday is a happy beginning to beautiful weekend for all X

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  • Well done and hope you get some quality sleep from now on.

    Take care and wishing you well. Xxx

  • Thank you sassy I used to think when people sed they were tired etc it would pass! Unfortunately for me o found out the hard ward I refused to stop working as it's brilliant part of my life the girls I care for give me so much more than I give them. Everytime I work with them I realise how lucky I am to be part of team that cares for them in a lovely house I know too week they had to live in residential before they got opportunity to share hour assisted living they make me want to carry on with meds etc living my life healthily as I can ad they need me, but honestly my need for them is far greater and being able to sleep means I don't have fear of making a mistake which can happen when sleep deprived, o knoe I won't get better but also these girls won't either and am with them all the way am

    Lucky one! I surely am. Thank you sassy x

  • Fantastic - hope the good news keeps on coming xx

  • Very addictive. I was given 5 a few months ago. Still have three left. The copd Nurse was annoyed that the Dr prescribed them. Told me to flush them down the loo!! Take care all. X

  • Until last Xmas I slept all time COPD made sure of that had a terrible January COPD then chronic bronchitis apparently my heart isn't working properly and having tests hospital cardiologist said I had insomnia I am

    Honestly aware of addiction I smoked for years! In my work we have at times to give diazepam as last option remedy to cerebral palsy young girl her dose 20mg I got 5 hours sleep on five and because I have to be alert I won't take anymore till I am off shift Sunday night honestly I am aware of sleeping tablets but I had got to point I felt brain dead AV had five hours I shall try tonight all usual method of brining sleep but yesterday I would of given anything to sleep unfortunately diazepam but I will use it next week after I have had my echograph then I will be back at doctors I can't take nytol I have COPD I don't drink and don't feel that's the way I have trields kalms etc but am anything but calm wanting to sleep, honestly thank you for your honesty I well appreciate it x

  • That's brilliant, Ennyl. COPD makes you tired anyway and its the pits when you can't sleep, especially when you feel you have to have your sleep to be safe at work.

    Sometimes it works if you're given something to 'break the cycle' and I hope it's like that for you. It's not that much to ask is it? - a sweet dream or two?

    Keep seeing sunshine and flowers and have a good weekend.

    Sue x

  • I was given short course in January to break cycle it didn't and I have been up the wall trying herbal natural remedies x

  • Oh dear. You're not going to sleep if you're up the wall. Have you thought about complimentary therapies. Really hope it sorts for you x

  • Congratulations!

  • Have you thought to check your meds to see if the insomnia may be a side effect of one of them?

  • I hadn't actually but my meds haven't changed except for aspirin other meds I have been given can't start until after echograph but thank you x

  • I would check them anyway as side effects can develop where there was no earlier problem - they have done for me. Good luck.

  • You know I agree with you o am going to get appt and go thru all my meds with doctor I junk you quite right and I have just assumed cos AV been on meds a long time it can't be them but really thanks for your advice I will get them checked again c

  • My mother is 93 and has been taking sleeping tablets for twenty years. She suffered dreadfully with insomnia before that but has an understanding doctor who knows she can't come off them now. So what if she is addicted, she gets a good night's sleep and is up and ready every morning to fight another day.

  • I am beginning to feel that way about my insomnia I feel anyone copes better with whatever is in their life if they get a good nights sleep I would love just 8 hours that's my goal ha! Thank you so much x

  • I remember April 2015 I slept for at least 7 hours and did so every night till around 2nd week in May. I had a spine block but by May it had worn off and since then I'm lucky if I get 2 hours

  • Dreadful this sleep deprivation it affects us so much yet not a lot of help! I get told sleepers addictive but am past caring I only want help not pills for evermore it affects every part of me the fact I can't sleep I have responsible job I work 30 hours straight thru from Saturday morning Sunday night and it's difficult getting no sleep, insomnia is the Pitts and if I had to give up work because of it I know I would go downhill so I try and try again I won't give up ! I accept my illness but I won't accept not being able to sleep and I will keep making doctors appts till I am able to sleep work and mange my illness, I get so tired I can't be bothered to eat or then get told am too small and underweight it's like I go round and round and never get anywhere but I am strong and I know I will get help in the end, you should get spinal block again keep going back till they know your not going to give up on yourself and don't allow them too either please let

    Me knowbjowbyou get on thank you for your interest x

  • I should have 3 spine blocks a year but I only got 1last year it all boil down to the pain clinic only having only one doctor. I only get 6-8 pain relief but I sleep like a baby

  • Wow that's awful if you need spine blocks it's shameful you are getting them! I am looking forward to sleeping like a baby but way things are going probably be about August ha! X

  • I see the Doctor in clinic April so it will be May or June before I get my spine block

  • Absolutely ridiculous! Our health service run to the ground how can healthcare staff follow there duty of care when resources limited and people who are in charge of resources haven't a clue of hospitals surgerys and social care needs! They bring out all this legislation looks good on paper but the actual patients or service users have no chance cos never the time to actually care , I seriously hope by some luck or chance or whatever that you get your spinal block a lot sooner than expected after all you wouldn't not be on list if you didn't need to be, sorry bout the rant but I am a support worker and I know how painfully frustrating waiting can be like for yourself and millions of others x

  • I agree it was Mr Brown and Blair who put managers in hospital how they thought it was ok a manager of a car show room could run a hospital they wouldn't of thought it was ok for a porter to operate on people. They also got two hospitals near to each other to join trusts this in it's self brought major problems and our hospital has suffered so much because of this. Then if that wasn't bad enough they put sanctions on the hospitals this is why Stafford hospital is where it is today sadly the Tories have done nothing to change it

  • Exactly I support three girls living in there home they share one is 27 years old we had dep member arrive last week to interview her to see if she could stay on mobility benefits this girl has cerebral palsy in wheelchair she can smile she can cry we do everything for her he had audacity to ask had anything changed since her last claim beating in mind she does not have mental capacity we a just looked at him and asked him to adk her??? Annoying as she will never improve will obviously age her body is twisted and he wasted our valuable time also hers as she should of been to day centre that day ! I had real difficulty in January this year had X Ray receptionist foned said doctor needed to see me urgently as X Ray had came back immediately I asked for appt she sed 4 weeks!! I asked for rescue meds she wud not put it thru as I was actually two days away from end of supply do last week I informed my doctor I have reported management at surgery to care quality commissions as I have duty of care to my family to look after myself also to fellow members of surgery who I felt were being let down by management who have not got a clue! Doctor smiled and thanked me! I quoted duty of care as health professionals myself included have duty of care to anyone they are looking after, I have choice to go to other surgery but I choose to stay on this one as I know doctors and I will go on quoting government legislation straight back to them they don't like it but I don't like being treat badly this is my life !! Obviously I am aware of legislation protocols in my work it's maddening to see people being talked down to or even neglected and they take it as they have the idea that doctors surgery receptionist are more knowledgable than themselves it disgusts me, people's lives at risk no money etc etc but we pay our taxes ni contributions council tax has gone up in my area 4per cent to help pay for social care I work in social care and all that has changed is more paperwork not care, sorry to rant on but I do actually honestly care and it hurts me deeply x

  • I put in for DLA I have lower back problems pins and needles in both my hands and feet couldn't peel a spud without loosing my fingers along with COPD stage 4. It took them over a year and then said I scored no points so I put in another claim this time PIP had taken over this time someone came out to see me then I get a call from this decision maker she asked if my condition had improved I told her the only thing that will cure my COPD is a lung transplant.

    We do need the way people are assessed changed back to what it was before Brown and Blair messed with it, now it cost's the tax payer more in court tribunals

  • Your so right and I believe they deliberately refuse new claimants in the belief they will give up! Am all for appeals even though it's gut wrenching for us all but we aren't asking for anything we aren't entitled too! I had COPD for three years before I found out by chance that I could get help I was actually supporting a gentlemen who had COPD end of life and his daughter was social worker she was appalled how I was struggling as I am by myself I never knew of benefits I was fortunate on my pip assessment actually a nurse who assessed me she had mild COPD and knew by by meds list I was lot worse than her she advised if I wanted to continue working to work in same place instead of driving about in all weathers, which I did I took more exams passed and been much happier I know I was one of lucky ones tho! It's bad enough being ill without stress of who's paying for food gas electricity etc I was even paying full council tak as wasn't aware I could get rebate it's ridiculous they quote how much goes unclaimed each year but don't make it easy task for anyone to claim in first place x

  • You are better off staying in one place I wouldn't recommend working in a office or supermarket or any place enclosed where bugs bread I hope you go on ok x

  • Thank you I am happy in my work, am at cardiology tomorrow having echograph so hopefully once that's all sorted I will know how I am on with working, am fortunate that I could drastically cut my hours and still stay there I love my work staff and adore girls I look after, thank you so much for your understanding and being kind enough to listen to my rants ! Please take care x

  • I have enjoyed our conversation you rant all you want we are all hear to support when we can. x

  • I love this site me I really do it kinda sounds weird but it makes our health bit easier to cope with cos we are all in same boat sort of thing ! I have also enjoyed our conversation think because I don't see anyone apart from my grandchildren then work at weekends I find it really nice to have friends as am quite isolated I live alone quite happily tho but I only have work when I get to talk with fellow workers and it's usually about our work I really have enjoyed today talking with you honestly have thank you so much c

  • This is a fantastic site and yes we are all in the same boat but more Important we understand each other so can support each other. We have some real characters on this site so we all have a laugh take care x

  • Well done. I just about get 5 hours, if the on and offs sleeps are

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