Bad exacerbation yesterday. Dr. Prescribed ciproflacin, steroids and Tritropium inhaler. Also take seretide . Had Tritropium years ago but stopped because of glaucoma. Going to give it another try. Feeling shaky with steroids and becoming more housebound. Lucky I am still on my feet so,shouldn't complain. Will be 78 soon. Just so tired. Think I am looking for sympathy. How sad is that?

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  • Hi

    78 still on your feet, more of a inspiration .

    How much sympathy would you like, we have it by the bucket full.

    Do you have any aids to help with your mobility.

  • Hey you aren't looking for sympathy your illness is getting you down, look at you 78 soon and still letting all here who knows and cares for that your unwell, what a lovely thing to do when your so unwell. Your actually making sure we don't over worry and how caring you are I thank you kindly. I know you can't be doing so much today but why don't u sit relax and feel all the love that family friends acquaintances have for you and if you close your eyes am sure you will feel the gentlest most loving hug you have had in a while. Thank you for allowing me to know your looking after yourself that has made my day so much nicer X ennyl

  • Thanks stone and Ennyl. This is such a good site where we share our problems. Oral steroids come with a lot of side effects to say nothing about weight gain but they do subdue lung inflammation so must carry on with faith and determination

  • Exactly I take steroids as well when I am having bad time with my COPD and like you I accept what I can't change and change what I can, speedy recovery hopefully take good care x

  • Hi M6 don`t let yourself even think about becoming housebound. I live on my own with no family near and have to drag an oxygen trolley everywhere I go. Soon as you`re feeling better find out if there`s a COPD group anywhere near. It`s worth the cost of a taxi to meet up with people once a week who understand what having COPD is like. And 78 next - hey 80 is the new 50 so they say ! Sheila xx

  • Sorry stone. Should have said. Have a nebuliser but no walking aids. Wonderful home help. Can't do housework now and only go out if someone takes me by car.

  • You do indeed have my sympathy as you are not feeling too good, M67W77, and I hope you feel better soon. Seeing your photo, however, you must look even more fabulous when you are certainly don't look 78!!

    Hope you feel better soon

    Tee x

  • Hi M6

    What a lovely photo! You look to be a dear, sweet lady.😊 you are indeed an inspiration. 27 yrs with copd! Any pointers for us? Wondering, do you live by yourself? We've got all the sympathy

    you want. Anytime you feel like chatting we're here. 😊😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I'd would question why your doctor prescribed cipro for an exacerbation of your COPD.

    Do you have a UTI ??

  • Not this time but I do struggle with diverticulitis among other things!

  • jeniwren, some respiratory tract infections are treated with Cipro.

  • Also jeniwren it's the only oral antibiotic with any chance of treating pseudomonas aeruginosa, a very nasty lung infection. The alternative would be IVs in hospital so bad exacerbations are often treated with cipro just in case it's that.

  • I can only add a little to what has already been said. You look a lovely lady with beautiful eyes and I am really sorry you are feeling down. Not surprising if you have coped with copd all that time. Come here any time of day or night for a warm hand of friendship.



  • hi.. copd is a very isolating illness.. I have had it for 10yrs now I will be 63 soon.. well done you for being so positive as we know it can be a struggle at times.. good luck you lovely lady

  • Thank you all so much. If is so good to get comforting replies. I love my iPad. I live in a retirement complex. Came here after my husband died five years ago. We had been together for 52. Luckier than many. My family are supportive but in full time employment so lead busy lives. Bless FaceTime.

  • Hope you start feeling better soon. Glad you enjoy your time on line. Joyce

  • 77!!!!!! wonderful that your even using an ipad...pat yourself on the back for coping all those years and present time. Stone is right you are an inspiration to us all..thank you for your post. I hope you start to feel better pretty soon we will give you all the love in the world to cheer you up... I can't offer much by way of advice..I'm only in the early stages of COPD awaiting to see the respiratory consultant. I'm 52 and what a lift you've given me....Thanks for that. Everyone will hold you close to their hearts am sure. Keep chatting 💕

    Love Lynne 🌹xx

  • Hello

    If you need some sympathy we can do that, but l don't think you do...all you are doing is explaining how you are feeling, and that is a good thing to get it off your chest ( no pun intended )😂

    You have been Ill, and are feeling low...we all get like's normal and we all understand and are here to offer you support and if needed a shoulder to cry on.

    Please visit us more often, come on here and have a Good Rant, A Chat, or a laugh...

    I am sure as your strength returns you will brighten up.

    Love and hugs

    Velvet xx

  • That's not sad at all, we all need a little TLC when we feel poorly, hope you get well soon. x

  • Not sad at all M67 we're all in entitled to a bit of sympathy at times. we're here for whatever you need take care.

  • Hi - I am exactly your age, 78 in May. I live in Colorado. I have bronchiectasis, which is not usually considered COPD but has pretty much the same effect on daily life - on oxygen 24/7 and spend two hours and more every day on airway clearance to avoid exacerbations. I have lots of books in my living room too. I can be a fellow traveler with you on this road. One thing you might like you haven't already tried it is yoga on you-tube. There are tons of videos - and some are very very gentle. Watch a yin yoga or chair yoga video and see what you think. The thing I like best is the relaxation at the end which leaves one feeling so good. Actually just watching the videos is calming I think. Just be careful that any breathing exercise fits with what you have been told to do. Take care and best wishes, Nancy

  • Hi Nancy's just wondering how you are. Haven't got round to yoga yet .  Been very under the weather.  78 year olds are being offered a shingles vaccination and I'm wondering if I should go for it.  Been taking steroids again.  Sharp needles of pain up my spine are a common side effect of that. How is your weather? We have had a lot of wind which keeps me indoors.  Got a lovely jigsaw from my son of Tobermory on the Island of Mull. It is so colourful and I'm enjoying putting it together.  Would be goodtohear from you.  Margaret

  • Thanks Nancy. I attend a breathe easy meeting so meet other people with different lung conditions. Not getting oxygen but do use nebuliser. Seem to get one infection after another no matter what I do. I'll have a look at the yoga and try it when I feel a bit better. Not getting a lot of sleep thanks to steroids. I like to read Nora Roberts and Debbie Mccomber. I have just finished a book by Trish Ashley. All very gentle and if I fancy crime I try Quintin Jardine. His books are mainly set in Edinburgh which I know well. Thank you for your advice. It is good to know how widespread this site is. I do hope things calm down a bit for you.

  • Managed a shower this morning so climbing back out of the pit once again. Dried off with towelling robe. No soap in shower just a lovely cascade of warm water. Bliss. still on diverticulitis diet of rice and chicken. - Sounds like a dog with an upset stomach! However it seems to be helping and antibiotics may be beneficial as well. Beginning to feel human again. Love and best wishes to all

  • Monday and improving. Still shaky with steroids and lungs feel hollow . Counting my blessings. Cards from my two sons and daughters in law. Good to see them. My neighbour is so kind and looks in most days. A young friend will drive me to the hole in the wall . Need some cash. Surprising where it goes even when you are at home. Think it's cold out so will need mouth covered. got gel soles for my shoes so that's helped plantar fasciitis. COPD is a vicious disease. Came across Harry Lauder on you tube singing Keep Right on to the end of the Road. He wrote it in memory of his son who died in the first world. Sentiments are true for today especially for those of us with a chronic disease. We just keep right on with a massive amount of faith, courage and determination. Best Wishes to all.

  • And to you too sweet lady get well soon god bless x

  • Now oral thrush following antibiotics and steroids. It never stops! Extremely tired and taking ages to get dressed. Going to see Dr to get lungs checked and perhaps a pill for thrush - it is so nippy. Daktarin and mouthwash no good. lift in the building a bit dodgy so hope it decides to behave today. I'm on the second floor. Doubt if I could manage the stairs! Onwards and upwards all !!

  • Now got Tritropium, seretide, montelukast and mucodyne. How's that for a cocktail? Finished steroids so that's something. Have you noticed how your skin gets very hot while taking a lot of steroid. Haven't needed a hot water bottle for more than a week. Wish the tiredness would go,away. Can't face going out. Dr says he is happy to come to me! May take him up on that one! Bless you all .

  • Hello and thanks for your message! Yes, get your shingles shot. As it happens my husband has a case now and you definitely need to avoid it. He got ill while we were driving home to Colorado last week from San Diego, California. We had to stop at an ER in a desert town in Arizona, and thankfully the medicine they gave him has been very beneficial. But it made for an exhausting trip - 3 days and I had to drive every mile.  I don't seem to be finishing by getting sick, though, as is my usual after a long trip. I do hope you are feeling better. 


  • ...Sorry, I know this isn't a reply to this item, but can't find the indicator on this site for asking questions ! - what I would like to know is why I keep being shown on facebook etc an advert for " CLINICAL COACH FOR COPD " -surely money isn't being made out of our condition ? ...

  • Not sad, normal! Lack of oxygen will make you tired - I'm the same. Sending love xx

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