Pulmonary Nodule Lesions ... Ct Scan

Pulmonary Nodule Lesions ... Ct Scan

Pulmonary nodules of various sizes are talked about a lot and cause a lot of worry.

Me being no exception to the rule as I have found myself going for repeat ct scan for a 8 mm pulmonary nodules Right Lower Lobe found last November 2015 but the worry for me was associated symptoms and being feverish the lesser of one.

Anyway after much nail biting sole searching AM reassured to find out if nodule was cancerous it would involve supraclavicular lymph node on my right side that am pleased to say is not and looks fine to me.

So it looks like I was worrying over nothing really as even if am wrong this lots can be done even key hole surgery.

I could go on about anterior cervical lymph nodes but all put that down to high blood pressure as my jugulars don't look lumpy

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  • A lot of us on this site have had lung nodules me included. I was told that mine was about 4mm after having an annual scan three times in which it had not grown I was told that they will do nothing. I was also told that if these nodules show up on a scan on someone who does not have any lung problems they do nothing.

  • This i think 4 mm freshold befour out is done.

    Think that is for high risk low risk patients.

  • I have just been diagnosed with nodules on the lung and a mass it will be checked in six months time. I have two asthma inhalers and am just recovering from pneumonia I had this at twelve as well now early sixties.

    My problem is that I am to breathless to do minor tasks around the house.

  • Hi sorey to read about your problems.

    We have all been there with breathless .. I would see doctor make sure you not got infection.

    If you have a mass its just bit bigger than nodule SO ya doctor should put you on antibiotics just incase its infection.

    Also see nurse and ask about making best use out of your inhalers.

    It took me ages to recover from infections but am sure you will

  • I'm glad to hear your mind is at rest now.

  • Hi Toci Cheers

  • Great news .

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