Psudomonas; now C.Diff!

I am devastated; bad enough being colonised with Psudomonas! Now in hospital with severe colitis caused by c.diff! Feeling right sorry for myself after too much googling! In the middle of moving to France too! Just got to get well right now. The c.diff was no doubt a consequence of the ciprofloxin which I took as a first line defense against Psudomonas! Anyone else suffered same?

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  • No, I've never got C.diff and I've had buckets of Cipro since last September. I know how frustrated you are. I'm awaiting the result of my latest sputum test which will no doubt tell me my two bugs are still in residence. Back to nebulising Colomycin and my sob has ramped up again. It's just an endless struggle, isn't it ?

    Hope you recover soon and get home from hospital.

  • Thanks Billiejean_2 for your reply - hope you get a good result with your test. Remind me what does sob mean - forgotten! Thanks x

  • sob means 'short of breath', something that bothers me a lot while I have exacerbations. My fifth sputum sample tested positive for 'achromabacter'this week. I had this when admitted to hospital in mid-November and three weeks of IV Meropenem did not clear it. On a positive note, Pseudomonas hasn't showed up since the treatment I had for it in September. Glad to hear your making progress and hope they can eradicate that Cdiff soon.

  • Hi no I haven't but it sounds very nasty. I hope you are feeling a lot better soon, and can get yourself home again. Take care and a big hug for you. xx

  • Coughalot2 thanks for taking time to reply and for your good wishes. Take care too x

  • I hope you are soon right as rain, and can enjoy your move.


  • A1J1S thanks for your reply and good wishes - take care x

  • Take care DunCaan, you are at a low with c.diff too. But you are in the right place to be cared for not struggling at home to keep well and all the necessary drugs to hand in hospital. So lap it up and hope you are recovered soon.

  • Katieoxo60 thanks for your reply. I am making the most of being in hospital - improving my french, researching my health and fo using upon being positive, however can't agree with your confidence in drugs being at hand in hospital - took 3 days to prescribe my drugs, still not getting all of them including Gentimycin for Psudomonas! And Azithromycin! Know one seems to actively listen about these things either. Many of the nurses and health support workers, and house staff have been excellent though! But as you appreciate drugs are vital to recovery/maintain health. Thanks for replying and take care of yourself.

  • understand what you mean by them not listening, I had that problem last time I was in hospital. Hope things go well for you and your soon recovered, take care.

  • Feel better soon DunCaan and hope all goes well with the move. Take care. Xxx

  • Thanks Sassy59 - you take care too x

  • Couldn't pass by without wishing you a very speedy recovery - lots of love and the best of luck with your move xxx

  • Ta daw thanks - despite my health I am determined to live in France even if I have to come back to Kent for periodic health care.

  • No but, I'm rooting for you Psudomonas. The main thing right now is to do what your told to do as regards to your recovery and, maintain a healthy picture of yourself and act it. Remember a time when you were really healthy and try to re-create it by acting it. It helps. I have to do the same for my IPF. It's a simple psychology. The very best of luck.

  • Alveo thanks for your reply - I am a great believer of positive thought and agree with your sentiment. I am actually feeling more positive tonight - see my Undiagnosed Ankylosing Spondyitis. My health actually makes sense to me now and looking forward to influencing consultants 'work-ups' tomorrow! By the way what is IPF? Take care and keep sharing your thoughts on positively we all need to do this sometimes/when time is right for some people. X

  • DunCan, great stuff. I have been a sports therapist now for 40 years and treating injured athletes is profound. Getting over an injury is holding them back from progressing in there particular field which, can lead to all sorts of mental and sometimes physical problems so the positive attitude approach is vital. So ACTION is the key act out being healthy as well as just thinking it. So, IPF stands for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. I believe I caught it from a patent just before the Christmas of 2015. Masses of scarring on both lungs. I am playing golf today!!

  • Alveo, I'm pretty sure IPF isn't contagious but do please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Billyjean, no it isn't, I caught it from a patient who had a nasty virus (I think). Idiopathic, because they don't know what the cause of the fibrosis is, even though I am sure it was from a virus.

  • I think it's sometimes associated with inflammatory conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis but like you say, who can tell ? It sounds like you're coping we'll with it which is great. My diagnosis is Bronchiectasis but both lungs are badly scarred from years of infections. Right now my whole left lung is covered with scarring, to the extent that it's not even visible on X-ray. Not much I can do about it now, just carry on and enjoy life as much as I can. I hope you stay well enough to live your life as you would choose. Take care !

  • Oh Duncaan. I know how devasted I would feel if I also got C diff on top of my psuedomonas. I too take Cipro for that & I wondered how you thought the Cipro had caused the C diff?

    I send you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery Things may look black but we all know how much brighter everything looks when they sort our bugs out & we are on top of it again.

    BIG HUG. & love from Sohara xx

  • Thanks for your reply Sohara. My understanding is that Ciprofloxin kills off the good as well as the bad bacteria in your gut and can cause an imbalance allowing c.diff to prolific ate and dominate. Others may have more info for you and links that are shared have been some of my sources of information. I have googlitis - search Internet a lot but I do this so that I can learn about my conditions and take control of my own health which I think is a good thing for me. Take care and stay well.

  • I totally agree with you Duncaan about taking control of your own condition. No one cares more about your health than you do. I think it's up to each one of us to research as much as we can & learn as much as we can about our own conditions. Then do all that we can to try to stem any decline in health. Especially by exercising. I have been more & more convinced that a daily walk & exercising as much as we can is the way to improve our health. That of course coupled with lung clearance wise eating habits & all the other things that we have found to help us maintain our lung health ( possibly even improve. It a little ). The more w know about our health the more able w are able to take control of our own situation

    Get well soon dear friend

    Love Sohara

  • Yes DunCaan, I caught CDiff when I was in hospital having my gallbladder out. Not nice at all ! And every time I go into hospital which is all too often, the microbiologist has to find a new antibiotic for them to use on me. The last was Tegicycline !! Anyway it seems we are not infectious to other people now but according to a consultant it can be triggered in ourselves by the wrong antibiotic being given. This happened to me on one occasion in hospital, they gave me augmentin which made me very ill. It shouldn`t have happened because my records are supposed to show "ALERT" because I`ve had CDiff. It is a hospital acquired infection seemingly. Keep well, Sheila x

  • Similar story mine was probably triggered by Ciprofloxin - an antibiotic known to cause this. Thankfully no toxins being released and 2 antibiotics will hopefully keep it this way. Thanks for sharing your experience - we learn so much from each other and sometimes/often more than from Dr's who increasingly do not concern themselves with the whole person but remain focuses on their specialism! Sorry to sound so negative but this has been my experience more often than not. I have also met some really caring and intuitive Dr's as well just to balance things. Good, bad and medioca in all professions I guess. Take care and hopefully stay free of ABs for a while.

  • Hi Dincaan I had pseudomonas 3 times last year I felt very low especially after reading sufferers like us couldn't shift it being a stubborn bug but my 4th sputum test was clear I haven't suffered c diff yet I hope you feel better very soon there is hope for clearing it up I have another test on Monday at my clinic as I'm starting to feel sore and breathless again I'm drinking lots of water and unprocessed food diet best wishes

  • Let us know how you get on with your tests; many of us will be interested to know. Hope it goes well for you x

  • Oh goodness me! Jut when you didn't want anything "extra". Hope things selves soon.

  • I take Yakult every day and I think it helps my tummy a lot. I have Diverticulitus and it helps me, and it's not unpleasant, so try this anyone xx

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