Cryptogenic organising pneumonia

Hello everyone. So fed up. Was in hospital for a week beginning of February diagnosed with the above. Still off work still very weak. Tired all time. Steroids being weaned down. Feel like I'm never going to be back to normal. Another sicknote for three weeks. Does this condition usually linger and have long lasting damage. I'm 47 usually fit and healthy and now I've been knocked for six

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  • Hi. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm 53. I was admitted to hospital on the 4th and was out by the 8th. I feel able to move about and do a few things but I tire easily. Still have chest pains, sensitive airways etc. It's going to take some time to get over what is a serious major illness. Don't rush it. A month convalescence isn't unreasonable but it may take a little longer. Don't rush it.

  • Remember all your reserves have been used to fight off the illness. You need to build yourself up again .... plenty of vitamin c.

  • I know. Just so fed up. Can't wait to get back to normal

  • I've been given another note for three more weeks. I bet you didn't think something like this could floor you. Have they said if any long term damage x

  • Hi, no. Not a word about long term damage.

  • Hi

    I remember feeling exactly the I would never get well again. Unfortunately it can take many months. If you read up on it the average recovery time is 6/9 months.

    Keep cheerful


  • Hello. It not nice is it. How long did it take you to do every day things without feeling wiped out? They don't want me to return to work until I'm 100%.

    Take care x

  • Hope you feel better soon Deaks.

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