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Pulmonary Rehab ?


Only my 2nd attempt to post on the forum, so excuse any errors. I'm waiting for a letter to hopefully say I've been accepted on PR class. It will be the first time for me, even though I've been diagnosed with COPD for a couple of years. Having read all your excellent comments about PR, I'm so eager to start. However, just seems like fate is lurking in the background,as today I've started on my rescue meds as SOB and tight chest are here AGAIN. Sorry to wings,but I don't want to be I'll and miss any classes etc.

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Hello SquirrelsHolt, sorry your having a flare up and hope you respond to the meds and feel better soon. It's usually at least a week or two before there's a place on a PR course and the first day of mine was explanations and assessment etc. so you should be ok. Maybe fate's been kind and got this out of the way for you before your PR starts so you have a clear run. Hope you enjoy it, Sue.

Thanks for your words of encouragement Watfordgirl. Wouldn't it be great if my flare up is over and done with before the PR classes. Did you find the hour's worth of explanation s etc, gave you lots of info about COPD that maybe you didn't know about before. When you did the exercises, did they really push you to your limit - so you were gasping. Or was it a case of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone so they can monitor you each session. Apologies for blabbing on a bit but I just can't wait for them. Everyone on this forum sings high praises of them.

Sorry, went to bed and didn't see your reply - others have responded so you know it's not something to worry about. You'll love it!

Thanks for your reply.

Hi SquirrelsHolt, I was on a PR course last year. Assuming all courses throughout the country are the same, it will be a 6 weeks course, but not 6 consecutive 6 weeks if you are unable to attend on any given week. If you have problems with your chest/lungs when you're due to start, then just phone them up and explain and they will put your start date back. My sessions consisted of 12 exercises, each carried out for 2 minutes, at your own rate. How far you push yourself (or not) is up to you. As I say, each exercise lasts 2 minutes, and you will be required to count the number of repetitions you do and record them on a form, were you'll have to assess your breathing before and after the exercise. Of course you can fiddle the number of repetitions and breathing states, but basically you are only fiddling yourself. You will then be assessed, after the course , as you were before it. I can't say my breathing improved, but my well being, agility and stamina did improve. You will also be given a group talk each week about breathing, use of inhalers, relaxation and other subjects. I hope this covers any doubts or questions you may have, and you find the course worthwhile. Best of luck.

Thanks Brian8169 for all the info you gave me regarding PR classes. I'm just waiting for the letter to arrive to tell me when I'm starting. ( I've already done the initial assessment) Virtually everyone on this site who have done the PR, say how brilliant it was etc so I just can't wait.

Good luck with the PR, be interested to know how it goes for you.

Thanks Billiejean and I will keep you all posted.

I will let you know how I get on. Thanks for your support.

hope you get well soon . good luck with the rehab hope it helps you ,

Thanks Mmzetor ,I'm praying it's just going to be a few days of being unwell. I'll be hopping mad if the PR comes up beforehand -- that'd be my luck at the moment.

i find its always the same can be well for weeks then you have one day planed to do something looking forward to it and bang end up ill , I had it just before Christmas when we was going to London for the day , I still went but it does spoil the day

Oh yes I do remember your trip to London. I think you did really well to go, especially that early in the morning if I remember correctly. However, your lovely Dawn probably got everything ready for you !!!!

I hope you PR goes well, if you manage to get there. If not, don't worry they are very understanding. I was not allowed to do my first class as my heart rate was too high. Of course my heart was racing, I'd just lugged 2 oxygen flasks with me. I do hope you are feeling well soon

kindest regards


Thanks OhTwo as I'm a wee bit nervous about the first class. Not that I've got a date yet !!!!?


Hi they do push you but only as far as you can go. They treat everyone as an individual and don't want to make you more ill! Sometimes they will tell you not to do an exercise if they think it could harm you.

I hope you are better by the time your course comes through. Don't forget that you can't risk passing anything on to the others though so if not sure it's better to wait a bit. x

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Hidden

Yeah I take your point Coughalot2 and I will only go of I'm well enough.

Thanks Amanda2 . I'm really looking forward to them.

There's usually a wait between the letter and beginning a class so hopefully your exacerbation will have faded by then.

The physios/nurses who run the course will ensure that you're fit enough for the exercises and will defer you if you're too poorly. You should be able to go to another group later on if you're not fit enough now.

You are pushed to your limit but they know how far to go. It's not comfortable, but staying in your comfort zone is BAD for you

Yes you are 100% right - being comfortable is not going to improve my physical health at all. I've spent too many days in bed or on the settee so I'm so,so ready for this.

I can't praise the PR courses enough, I did mine last November/December. The one I went to was a six week course attending twice a week, if you missed one or two you just carried on until you had done 12 sessions. The thing is that you must carry on doing the excerises at home afterwards, at the moment I am on a keep fit campaign. I have bad knees as well as all the other problems with lungs and heart so I have bought a Uniscan walker and getting out and about in local parks at the moment. I have also bought a Fitbit which records a lot of details, heart beat, calories burnt, steps taken etc. I keep trying to beat my previous day totals. Best of luck, keep at it and I sincerely hope you find it a success. Forgot to mention it, I am nearly 79.

Well done Tatters. Your name doesn't suit you as you seem to be very sensible and pushing yourself a bit more each day,physically. You are a good example of the PR classes putting you on the road to a better quality of life. Hopefully I'll be reporting good results too. Fingers crossed.

Hope you recover in time for the PR, however you should be able to attend PR as long as you are clear of infection and you can miss a class then carry on if you are ill, when I did mine I got told off for not ringing in sick when my hernia was painful but I survived the tests and completed the twelve weeks, so I will wish you good luck for your PR.

Thank you Katie for your support. Isn't this forum great. I honestly am overwhelmed at the support of you all. Thank you.

your welcome x


Sorry your having a tough time keep positive and I hope the meds help to ease.

I can't say lot about PR with being a newby I don't even know what it is?

I could Google it but I would rather anyone on here care to enlighten me??

So I can understand more...

Obviously I don't expect you to squirrelsholt coz your poorly. But I sincerely hope you get good news. Make sure you let us all know. Keep your chin up.

Love Lynne x

Thank you for your lovely reply. I think I forgot to say welcome. If you go to the top and going the magnifying glass symbol and put in P R classes, all will be explained.

PR turned my life around. I was spending more and more time avoiding becoming breathless, so was getting less fit and able to do stuff. The education sessions are incredibly useful, teaching you how to cope when breathless and how to deal with anxiety, and giving you loads of everyday coping strategies. I've been every year for 5 years (because I get infections which affect my fitness) and really benefit from them. You meet nice people too, and some of them have joined our local Breathe Easy group, so have become long term friends. I think that everyone with a breathing problem should go on a PR course!!

Thanks Lynnekay. You seem to put your PR lessons to good use and that's exactly what I plan to do,fingers crossed. It would be great to meet some new friends who I didn't feel embarrassed around because of my huffing and puffing ! Just in time for the summer too - if we have one this year !! I'm also guilty,like you say you were,of nowadays avoiding anything that will make me SOB and I know I'm creating a vicious circle for myself. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

lynnekay in reply to lynnekay

You've hit the nail on the head....going to PR & Breathe Easy is simple because everyone knows why you huff & puff & have to stop & lean on a chair/table to get your breath back, & they don't fuss over you. However, I think that the embarrassment is yours (your true friends will just be concerned that you're OK) and I've been open with other friends and explained that I will be breathless. This has helped me to continue with things I enjoy (book group, art, horticulture group) and now friends know to leave me alone until I can talk to them!

I'm sorry if I sound a but "know-it-all" but think I've learnt a lot from over 10 years of COPD and the help that I've received via the Health Service and Breathe Easy. It feels as though I've come to terms with it and am happy to pass on my experiences to others although I still hate having COPD & the disability it brings, but am trying not to let it spoil the rest of my life. Good luck with PR when you have it, & I hope you get over this exacerbation quickly

Thanks again for words of encouragement. You definatley have the experience having lived with COPD for the last 10 years. U r also an excellent ambassador for PR. This shows how good forums like the BLF are - I suppose its only ever as good as its members make it. COPD can be quite a lonely illness at times and its great to be able to contact others when you're feeling a bit down. Thanks again and take care.

Hi just seen this, I am on PR at the moment. I had a flare 3 days before we started, they still accepted me on the course. Kept an eye on me. I was on abs and steroids, I have to say though I coughed and spluttered my way through and took things at my own pace, and when I felt rough took time out. You are with others in the same condition of you.

still worth making the effort to go on no matter how you feel.


Thanks Jackie for your reply and encouragement. I really hope you get on well with your PR classes and don't f forget to post about it. I'm not sure which will be worst for me -the constant coughing or the needing the toilet all the time !!! Take care.

oh my the coughing with the needing the toilet hahaha we do have fun with this illness.


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