Everyone on here knows I'm usually nauseatingly happy anyway lol,but just now I'm overjoyed,the council have offered us a really amazing 2 bed bungalow.I have 17 steps outside before I get from the street to my front door,and being an oxygen user you can imagine.I have a stair climber,like a mechanical wheelchair that I get strapped into and it brings me up the stairs,but I'm too stubborn to use it lol.So a lovely wee bungalow,with a huge back garden,in a lovely quiet area.Im so so happy.So hubby son and I are just patiently waiting for the keys.We had a peak through the window and its got a 1940s/50s kitchen,so it could take the council a wee while to sort it,but I just cant wait.Its going to make some difference to my life.Hope everyone's doing ok,I keep you all in my prayers <3

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  • Always nice to get good news!! I hope you all will be very happy there...lovely picture btw.

    Tee x

  • Fab news - how exciting. Wishing you happiest time in your new home xxxx PS what a sweet baby he looks like the most huggable baby xx

  • Great news for you and the family gothmum and I really hope you get to move in very soon. Good luck with everything. xxxxx

  • oh thats going to make life soooooooooo much easier for you and will be so good for your mental health being in a home that makes you happy...

    Its lovely to hear good news x :)

  • Hi Gothmum what wonderful news for you all bet you can't wait.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Fab news. It won't be long until you are moved in and enjoying it.


  • that's lovely really pleased for you will make life so much easier for you , if it takes the council a few weeks to get the work done at least you know you got it and will give you time to sort stuff out in your old home , when we moved into our house it was an old kitchen but they fitted us one in a year later , if your council is the same as ours they give you a choice now of what colour you wanted and tiles ,floor ect not the bog standard one sort like they use too , good luck with your move take care

  • Brillant news so happy for you...well worth it to help improve your pleased...well deservedxxx

  • I am glad for you and the family it should make life a lot Easy for your husband as well and pice of mind steps and stairs I hate good luck in your new home

  • Hi Gothmum, that's wonderful news, it will make life so much easier for you. We were given a lovely bungalow 3 years ago, and you wouldn't believe the difference it has made. No more stairs to climb, and it's in a lovely area, right next to the country park, so we see all the wildlife, the swans and ducks bring thier babies to see us in the spring, it's wonderful.

    I hope you'll be very happy in your new home, and life will improve for you no end.

    Much love and best wishes,

    Christine. XXX

  • Most excellent and now a new beginning for you all am thrilled for you all. Happy days at last x

  • Brilliant news, it will make things much better for you :) xx

  • Hi Gothmum, great news, I am really pleased for you all. Love Margaret x

  • Such good news.............well done you!

  • Hi Gothmum

    Delighted that you have a new more manageable home.

    Look after yourself.


  • What wonderful news, the good news is also you will have extra time to do your packing at your leisure.I hope you will be very happy in your bungalow )

  • Very happy for you, it sounds lovely - a nice big garden for the children to play in, as well. Hope it's not long before you're all there.

  • You look a very happy family, and now you have a special home to look forward to that will make a huge difference to all your lives. I am happy for you and wish you all the very best for your future....I can see your garden will be well used:-)))

  • Excellent news whenever we learn that folks here get the results that can change their lives for the better. Wishing all your family well.

  • So great to hear good news once in a while. Bet you're not going to miss those 17 steps :) I have 13 steps on my stairs and every night I stand at the bottom and wonder how on earth I'm going to make it to the top. It feels like Hannibal crossing the Alps or boldly going where no one's gone before :) I remember one of your other posts where you said you were thinking of doing a degree. Did you start yet ? Congratulations again on your new house and garden and long may you enjoy them.

  • I'm so happy for you.

  • Hello gothmum

    What wonderful news for you and your lovely family.

    I hope the council get a move on for you...

    And Good luck and happiness in your new home.

    Velvet xx

  • Wonderful news.

  • Wishing you and your family good luck for your new home, how wonderful for you all.

  • Fantastic! Hope everything works out well for you.

  • Hi goth um, you won't know yourself, so pleased for you. Love moongirl x

  • Good morning Gothmum, what great news for you all,really lovely photo of you and your family. You are so young to be stricken with lung problems,but obviously have a very positive attitude. Do hope the move goes well.very best wishes and regards, Bulpit

  • That's fantastic - I wish you every happiness in your new home (hope they can get you in there soon) xx

  • Oh gothmum what good news ! What a great picture ! What a lovely family ! Thankyou so much for sharing your joy, it`s made my day. Bless you and yours, Sheila xx

  • Congratulations, hope you and your family will be very happy in your new home, let us know how you get on.



  • Hi Gothmum

    I'm so happy for you. The council gave me a 1 bed roomed bungalow which I moved into 3 1/2 years ago. It's wonderful. Just a thought for you can you ask the council to change the steps into a ramp? When I moved here I requested this they came out and assessed me and I qualified for them to do the alteration. I use a mobility scooter which I can now take out of my car and ride straight into my bungalow. Once you have moved I do recommend you asking for an assessment . Good luck

  • Hi gothmum, I was so pleased to hear your amazing news, you deserve to have a lovely home you can access on one level and enjoy with your family. It is so heartwarming to hear of something good happening for people like us that struggle from day to day to manage steps that others sprint up! I am thrilled your local council have come through for you and your lovely family. Well done and I wish you all the luck and love in the world in your new home xx

  • Brilliant :)

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