Catching up

Catching up

Hi I'm just popping in to update really busy at the moment ..went for my review last Thursday and well I had spirometer done first time in 12 months no improvement after quit smoking. ..oh well. , had my inhaler changed again (don't know if anyone has the same thing)after I said the first puff is fine but the second feels harder to achieve so now only 1 puff a day and I got a refural for PR so hopefully that will be helpful ..and I am soon changing my role at work, I am stepping down as deputy team leader because they wanted me to go to 5 days a week instead of the 3 I'm doing (like my shift ) so no more stress x hopefully you are all well at the moment despite the weather. Here's a snapshot of my little man casper

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Casper's lovely, you have a little extra cash to spend now you've stopped smoking, plus - biggest bonus of all, nothing to beat yourself up over! It's all good, keep it up, and you may well find yet more improvements over time.

Thank you xx

maybe no improvement this time but next time maybe different and if its saying the same as last time that good , do you have a spray inhailer with a spacer , I been changed to fostair 2 puffs I told consultant after first puff making me cough a lot he said how do you take it I said puff into spacer and a steady deep breath in and hold my breath he said to breath in and out 5 times with my mouth still on the spacer then do same with next squirt of inhaler and should stop me coughing , might be easier like that for you unless you are on a powder inhaler

Thanks for your reply I'm not using a spacer just the inhaler but down to 1 puff a day instead of 2x2 times a day long acting medication I haven't got it at hand to read but will let you know which one it is

Good luck to you mazinuk and love the photo of Casper. xxx

Casper is adorable. Well done you for quitting smoking and staying off the cigarettes. You are sure to gain a lot from PR - it's amazing how much you improve after a session.

You can do without the stress so I am happy for you. Concentrate on yourself now :-)

Thanks for your reply I have promised my hubby and myself that I need to change some things to get the most out of life so slowly but surely changing things x

Hi Mazinuk, Just a thought, you said you are stepping down because they want you to work 5 days; the Equality Act means that they have to take your disability into account (a long term illness lasting more than 12 months is classed as a disability).

If you are happy to do that then that's fine - just don't like seeing people "bullied" into making decisions that really don't fit what they really want.

Enjoy the PR (always a good option) and ask for a spacer, my Dr said that you get (can't remember the exact difference) a lot more of the spray deep into your lungs.

Best wishes

Thanks for your reply I'm happy to step down now I've made the decision stress will not be an issue anymore and considerations the fact I not had much of a voice since September it will help that to I'm hoping that everything starts getting better I'm moving department to with no aircon so it should be warmer than at present x

Hi masunuk love little Casper I have a black pug called bear love him to bits even though he nearly kills me walking him or should I say dragging me haha .Well done for giving up smoking I gave up in 2003 got diagnosed with copd emphysema and asthma in 2012 I believe that I would be a lot worse today if I hadn't so Pat yourself on the back for stopping .

Well done to you also for giving up smoking and I didn't think about having a dog till my sister dog had pups then I loved him immediately xx

Sounds as though all going in right direction - love Casper - he's adorable.

Thanks mazinuk its my sons dog ,but so glad he had him love him to bits .x

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