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Travel insurance

So I have IPF and I'm waiting to go to Newcastle for a 4 day assessment for a lung transplant in the mean time I've been told I'm m ok to go ahead and book and holiday to florida but I cannot get any one who will insure me!! I've rung tje blf helpline where the emailed me a list of all the insurance companies that supposedly cover you for pre existing medical conditions and not one of them will for mine. I'm so frustrated! Can anyone help!

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Hi I have used freedom insurance for 5 years now, I have severe copd. No is 01223446914, worth a try xx


HI I don't have IPF but I have an interstitial Lung Disease and I got insurance off Staysure they advertise on TV a lot. They were reasonablly priced (120 for annual policy) and they knew all about my medical conditions....cant find the documents at the moment but you can google them for the phone number. Good luck I am sure the trip to Florida will do you a world of good.



Try They were very helpful and reasonable when we tried to get travel insurance for my son.


Think the answer to this is the one question "Are you on a waiting list or waiting to go on one" as soon as you answer yes to this they won't touch you with insurance it's a play on words tho cause you can say no as you are only on assessments and no guarantees of getting into waiting list


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I travel with,I have IPF and ambulatory oxygen,my husband is also covered he has diabetes 2 we pay £587 for 12 months cover for worldwide travel we went to Florida in October,we opted to drop the excesses so it could be a little cheaper,although it does run out early April,I also believe some have had success with Insurewith and Staysure.If you need oxygen to fly different airlines require different letters,a minefield.I wish you well with Newcastle,I am waiting for results of manometry and PH studies that Newcastle asked for because Papworth turned me down for transplant.I did try to get the BLF to list Insurance companies that people like us have managed to get insured with,met with little success ,said it would be endorsing those companies,meanwhile we have to struggle away ourselves,it's lucky I was reading today's posts.Good luck,in getting to Florida,my son lives there so it's important that I get insurance.Sooki.Are you part of our group on facebook,Pulmonary Fibrosis UK it's a wonderful group only does PF or IPF ,best ever site for us IPF sufferers so much help on there .If you join let me know because I do not use Sooki on there.


Thankyou for your help I will try those companies,


Hi, have you tried Able2travel? they insured me when I was really ill and no-one else would even give me a quote. Good luck and I hope you get away. Maximonkey


Last year l had a job getting insurance as l have ipf managed in the end at a price £639 for ten days in Europe ridiculous but paid it anyway and as it was my last holiday l really enjoyed it


That's strange - its not like you are on the lung transplant list yet. They have said you can fly (I wish Newcastle would tell me I could fly!). Have you had any hospital admittances which weren't pre-booked? I suppose it might be because you are awaiting tests but even so. I travelled to New York with Unique. They were quite good.

Good luck



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