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I'm a newbie to this site .. I've got copd,asthma,now been told I've got mild ostioeatrhritis and lumber sponcilitis .. alone with headaches.. my doctor gave me pregabalin and codeine for the pain in my lower spine but they are not help much they just make me have slurred speech and dizzyNess .... can anyone please have any ideas of a stronger pain killer ... not tramadol ........ many thanks ...I'm in so much pain when I sit down ..I'm awaiting results from a MIR SCAN which I had a week ago ?

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Hi Mumma,

Welcome to our group. Sorry to hear of all your troubles. Pain relief is a big problem.

When I feel I need something stronger than codeine and paracetamol, I turn to Paramol. Can't tolerate ibuprofen or asprin type meds. My arthritis has flared up just now, wonder if it is all this damp weather we are having. For night time help I use Panadol Night, it has a histamine in it which helps me get to sleep. Hope you find something to help you. Keep in touch, what part of the country do you come from?

Have you family near? Don't answer if you want to keep all private, just interested. Iris x

Hi there thanks you so much for the reply .. I'm in London I'm 43 years old this as been a nightmare for me as I've a child to bring up .. but I just get on with daily tasks lol... can I get these from the doctor (panadol night) zoo maybe I can buy them from the pharmacy if not expensive ..yes I need he'll to sleep too ... I'm on zolpidem but I only get 14 pills for the month ... I hope you keep strong and keep warm ...thanks iris

The paramol and panadol night are both available over the counter, I get mine at Boots. Stronger pain relief would have to be on prescription. They are not expensive, but of course that depends on how often you would need to take them. Many painkillers say not for more than three days consecutive use - not much help if you are in constant pain! I hope you have a helpful doctor who you can discuss your problems with. Itis not easy coping with pain and looking after a child, I remember when mine were young, I used to get awful migraines and all I wanted to do was go to bed, but couldn't. Best wishes. Iris x

Hi and welcome. I care for hubby Pete who also has back problems as well as sarcoidosis, copd and osteoporosis. He had a spinal cord stimulator fitted which has not helped much. He takes Gabapentin and paracetamol for pain and was tried on pregabalin but couldn't get on with it.

I wish you well. Xxx

Many thanks for the reply I do hope your hubby can get some help with his pains ... and keep up the good work you do for him

All the very best to you both

Wow Sassy, Gabapentin - now that's a serious pain killer! Am I right in thinking that it's also addictive? My son had it for a few months following a motorcycle accident - he thought it was addictive and worked really hard to get off it as soon as possible.

Best wishes

You are right y_not Gabapentin is addictive but Pete did not realise and has had very high doses. He has brought that right down now but still takes them and tramadol.

Still in a lot of pain anyway.

Best wishes to you too. Xxx

Hi welcome I have osteoarthritis and recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and COPD I take co-codamol 30/500 for the pain. Hope you get something sorted out soon take care

Hi Michelle

Have you tried amitriptyline? I asked the Dr for some Gaba for pain and he gave me the amitripyline which has made a huge difference to my spinal pain and it helps me sleep.

Welcome on board - Im sure you will find lots of support and information on this forum.

Take care


Hi Mumm and welcome to the board. I have an arthritic autuimmune disease that causes me a lot of pain and as I can't tolerate Co-codamol and it's dizzying side affects or anti- inflammitories, due to my reflux, I have to take the tramadol. I try my best to use it only when desperate because I'm scared to death of becoming addicted to it.

I think I'll look up the Panadol myself, that Lyd has mentiones as the paracetamol are absolutely useless. Like Sokrackers, I also take Amytryptaline, 2x10mg nightly, which helps me get a good nights sleep which eases my pain the following day enormously. I can also take up to 50 mg if my flare is bad. xx

I found pregabalin completely useless so i would honestly just go back to your gp and tell them whats happening because your not going to get anything from the chemist thats stronger than what you have...paramol is just codeine and paracetamol so be very careful what your taking

Try some ibuprofen for a short time it may help but eat something with them

I thought you couldn't take ibuprofen if you had COPD they make me wheeze more than usual so I am not aloud to take anything with ibuprofen in it

Mandy, just been checking on line re Paramol. Paramol contains dihydracodeine, which is not the same as codeine. It says it is 1.5-2 times stronger than codeine. Both are opiates and can be addictive, not suitable for long term use, only occasional use.

Thats why I'm not a doctor and suggested she go see her gp . It wasn't me who suggested paramol

Long term use is not recommended, I did say for a short time meaning till you can see your GP

Hi sorry to hear you in pain I go to a pain clinic at my local hospital I have spine blocks and take nortiptline . I also took syndoll over the chemist pain killer they took it off a few months ago and now its not so good.

I can't take tramadol I also have morphine patches hope this helps you

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