I have now been looking for a few weeks to find a new phone as this one is playing up can only Wright when at home with the wifi as do not use anything els I do not like apple phones but got to be easy for me to see the words with out going to large words as the wife keeps telling me to stop squinting and put your glasses on so I did take her with me yesterday with me to the phone shop and what did she say your phone get what you likes and went to the shop next door so how can you get one for the two of us if it's to big she will call it a brick like she said with our sons phone so today I try again and take her were there is to phone shops next together.( or I can get a red brick and put numbers on it and put it on the table and say got one :) :)

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  • Hope you get the right phone for you both David. Good luck to you. Xxx

  • heh heh are so funny! Try this - same as mine and I never have a problem with it at all.

    Good luck


  • Can't send my emails with that one plus it's to big to carry round nice phone if I put that on the table and and upset the wife she might hit me over the head with it :) :) :) thanks

  • lol

  • heh heh...shame.

    I thought you would really like it too.

    I don't have a mobile device nor do I want one. If anyone wants to get in touch with me they can send me an email for I have a thingie on my computer that makes

    a sound like a post horn that could wake the dead when an email has come in. I got sick of being pestered by anonymous phone calls - this phone is lovely and quiet and I do not hear it, and I just use it mainly for out going calls.


  • Do so agree!.... I don't have a moblie. But the doctors say I have to have one when I go outside. SO.... my assistance dog wears a harness,to help me up if I fall and it has 2 pounches one on each side. She carries my meds and also a SOS medi alert USB with all my info on it and in the other one she carries an old blackberry. The phone has all the numbers on it that a person would need to ring if they found me. My assistance dog has a normalish name and so when I got an o2 sim I put the phone in her name and she pays for it.

    I no longer have a phone, t.v., mobile,. I have a private email, which is all I go on with this laptop, and ofcourse this site. For all your help. Personally I would love to be totally off the grid. Just me and my records :) Life is much less stressful this way.

    So well done you, and I am glad I am not the only one :)



  • That all sounds fair enough and totally understandable that you need to be able to communicate immediately if you need help. Your dog sounds absolutely brilliant, and will be calming influence on you too!

    I think maybe I was being a bit selfish in my comments, but it was not meant to be so. There may come a time when I need help and I'll be glad of it.


  • mobiles where huge things then they went right small now they are very thin but long and wide , I have a Microsoft Lumia phone not a bad phone its on windows 8 so can do all that you would do on your lap top , I took a contracted out with Tesco got phone free but they work out well under 100 pounds if you buy your own , has a good camera on it too ,and phone is very easy to use and writing is good size

  • I did look at one the 960 I think as when I googled best phone it came up I just spoke to my son he said Galaxy 6s as a bigger screen than I got but just looked at it and how much it was with ee as that is who I am with for long time and orange so then I looked at Virgin with was cheaper for the same phone and no up front payment so I will go and have a look at the two of them and find out which sounds best and then I think I will get best one

  • good luck , only regret I had with mine is going on Tesco mobile I was on Vodafone on my old phone could pick up internet almost any where , when I got the Tesco one I could pick up Tesco mobile internet at home for 3 days then couldn't get it again not to bothered cos can connect up to wifi box but when out there are loads of places you cant get Tesco like you could with Vodafone , it will text and ring ok but not the internet bit

  • I only use a mobile phone to send emails and stuff like that my computer is in the front room which I do not go in as I find it very uncoftble in there do not know why but can not sit in there so I had to change my kichen in to a sitting room and put a new kichen up so only a Mobil phone to do emails as do not like laptop or Ipads got a houes phone as well but do not use it just for the Internet so it's just me my phone and TV in there and wife

  • Hi David

    I have a samsung galaxy mobile phone.

    I just love it. Not one of those big ones, you see sticking out of everyone's back pockets! Don't know how they can walk around that way. What size you looking for?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Do not know as long as I can see what i Wright and read my emails then or right

  • Most mobile phones come with 3G or 4G so you can use the Internet outside.i have just upgraded my mobile with Vodafone. I used to be with talk mobile I got a Vodafone smart 6 it dose every thing a smart phone dose and its £17 a month And it comes with 4G

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